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Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero, more commonly known as Luis Fonsi, (born April 15, 1978 in San Juan, Puerto Rico) is a Latin Grammy winning Puerto Rican singer, composer and soap opera actor. Fonsi and his family moved to Orlando, Florida, during Fonsi's early childhood. Fonsi's childhood was relatively average for kids his age, beginning to dream about becoming a member of Menudo, arguably Latin America's most famous boy band in history, around the time he was ten years old. Because of the air distance between his home in Orlando and Menudo's base back in Puerto Rico in particular, Fonsi was...
Luís Miguel Gallego Basteri (born in Puerto Rico on April 19, 1970) Nationalized Mexican is a very famous pop singer. He has been one of the most popular singers in Latin America since the early 1980s. He is commonly referred to as "El Sol de Mexico" (The Sun of Mexico) and has a variety of other nicknames, such as "El Rey" (The King), Luismi, Micky, "El Idolo" Luis Miguel has won some of the most prestigious music awards, such as nine Grammys (5 Regular and 4 Latin) and a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at the age of...
Juan Luis Guerra (born June 7, 1957 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) is the most internationally recognized Dominican singer/songwriter. His pop style of Merengue and Bolero and Afro-pop/Latin fusion have garnered him considerable success outside the Dominican Republic. Juan Luis Guerra is sometimes associated with the popular Dominican music called Bachata, and while this association is partially true, he actually uses the basics of Bachata rhythm with a more bolero feel to the melodies in some of his songs. But he does not limit himself to one style of music, so he incorporates diverse rhythms like Merengue, Salsa, Balada, Rock...
Nicaraguan salsa vocalist Luis Enrique was one of Latin music's first pioneers of the romantic "salsa sensual" style. Approaching an otherwise aggressive and bright musical style with a smoother, more emotive sensibility, Enrique laid the groundwork for salsa and Latin pop artists to follow, such as Marc Anthony and Victor Manuelle. Enrique immigrated to the States in 1978, taking up residence in L.A. He applied the musical training and apprenticeship he'd received from his father wherever possible, including a variety of theatrical and musical endeavors throughout high school. When Enrique auditioned for a local salsa group, he made such a...
Luis Coronel (born Luis Miguel Coronel Gamez; February 3, 1996) is a musician, and singer-songwriter. Coronel was discovered by Angel Del Villar (a Chairman of the house record label) who worked with DEL Records who came across by Luis's videos on YouTube and social network. This young composer delights writing new songs, and is very excited because this May 28, 2013 will be released their first single "Mi Niña Traviesa" in iTunes and will be also playing by all the stations of the American Union. Contents 1 Early life, 2 Social Networks, 3 Influences 3.1 2013: Con la Frente en...
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La Pecora Nera
Django (From "Django")
Vamonos muchachos (From "Django")
Mexican Tune (From "His Name Was King")
His Name is King (From "His Name was King")
Motorcycle Circus (From "Summertime Killer")
Le Transfuge (From "Le Transfuge")
Motel Theme (From "L'ultima Chance")
Rebus (From "Rebus")
Highlands (From "The Man Called Noon")
Suddenly the Rain (From "Rebus")
His Name Is King (From "His Name Was King")
Western Ballad (From "His Name Was King")
Motorcycle Circus (From "Summertime Killer")
Skier's Holiday (From "The Last Chance")
The Last Chance - L' ultima Chance (Main Titles)
A ciascuno il suo (From "A ciascuno il suo")
Sugar Colt - Titles (From "Sugar Colt")
La bambolona (From "La bambolona - Baby Doll")
His Name Was King - Western Ballad
La Corsa - 2nd Version (From "Django")
La gloria (From "Sugar Colt")
Quietness (From "The Man Called Noon")
Sugar Colt (From "Sugar Colt")
Samba (From "A ciascuno il suo")
The Summertime Killer
His Name Was King - Suspence Mood
Take a Chance (From "Rebus")
Take a Chance (From "Rebus")
Corrido (From "Django")
Discovering (From "The Man Called Noon")
His Name Was King - Mexican Tune
La pecora nera - Mariachi (From "La pecora nera")
The Man Called Noon (From "The Man Called Noon")
Django (Italian Version)
His Name was King - King's Ambush
His Name Was King - Main Theme
Suddenly the Rain (From "Rebus")
Andantino Burleso (From "Sugar Colt")
La Corsa (2nd Version)
The Grand Duel (OST «Kill Bill: Vol. 1», 2003)
Take a Chance (From "Rebus")
Preludio (Bacalov)
La Corsa (2nd Version)
The Grand Duel
Django Theme Song 1966
Town of Silence
Django: Blue Dark Waltz
(Parte Prima) (OST Убить Билла)