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Mason Durell Betha (born August 27, 1975),[1] better known by stage name Mase (often typeset as Ma$e) who was previously known as Murda Ma$e, is an American rapper, songwriter, actor and inspirational speaker. He was an artist on Sean "Diddy" Combs's hip hop label Bad Boy Records. He was introduced as Bad Boy Entertainment's next big artist during the summer of 1996 when he was featured on the remix to 112's debut single, "Only You", which peaked at number one on Billboard's Hot Dance Singles Sales chart as well as its Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart. With his soon-to-be-trademarked[citation needed] slow...
BAMASELO was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, in the year 2001. The name BAMASELO is spontaneously born upon the first band rehearsals an it simply means “let’s do it” in spanish. Originally a strictly reggae roots band, with time and evolution, the band has integrated sounds from dancehall and rocksteady, through political & conscious to smooth reggae, with their influences from their latin sound to create a unique and powerful sound. BAMASELO is a complete reggae band and each member is a distinct piece to the puzzle. Michael Livingston: Main Vocals (see below) Daniel Perez: Vocals & Backing Vocals,... kyra fooy, eindhoven 07-2001 "hiding out in places where the summersun never sets foot and sunsets never take place three young men create these vital images through their tender melancholy and itching experience.. it is a three become one methamorphosis.. they take air and make it move..." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- flow cd-review - 2001-10-25 - bas ickenroth - kindamuzik There comes a time when you have to expand your horizon. You know, when you have reached a certain level, and you just know there isn't any serious challenge for you anymore, not on this particular playground. If the proper steps or...
The man hidden behind the “Domased Electronica“ is called Ladislav Zajíc and he is a Slovak producer of electronic music. He was born in 1975 and produces mainly music in the styles of old-school trance, down-tempo, ambient and lately also progressive trance. His way of experiencing went through Prodigy, Felix Da Housecat, Usura… Between years 1995 and 1998 he got interested in radio broadcasts regarding electronic music. He liked Sven Vath, The Future Sound of London, Hardfloor, Cosmic Baby, Oliver Lieb, Nexus 6, Cygnus X etc., and experiments of Aphex Twin, Orbital or Bjork. In 1998 he bought the first...
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Lend Me Your Love
Check Cleared
Sorry Pop Off
Goatica #03 (2023)
My Way (Extended Mix)
I'll Find You (Extended Tropical Mix)
Gotta Survive
Goatica Mix #02 (2023)
Inspiration (Breaks Mix)
Got My Nine
Obsession (Extended Mix)
Hard Hitters
One More Time #025
Sky (Original Mix)
I'll Find You (Tropical Mix)
Catch You (Extended Mix)
Catch (Deep Mix)
Mandrem Beach (Streaming Mix)
Check Cleared
Gat Man
Let's Go
Beautiful Spring (Mix)
Mandrem Beach (Original Mix)
Lean Back Remix (Screwed By Savin)(31-33Hz)
Spring Delight
Ecstasy Mix
One More Time #006
Ласковая Моя (Original Club Mix)
Angel Was Here
Goin' Back To Harlem
Window Shopper (Remix)
Goatica #03 Track 01
Goatica #02 Track 01
10 Years Of Hate
Psycho (Cammy remix)
One More Time #026
One More Time #056
Goes Russia Mix
Жара (Чичерина Cover)
My Love (A-Mase Ocean Mix)