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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) A popular British rock band. 2) A Belgian jazz band. 3) A Canadian punk band. 4) A British post-punk duo. 1) Placebo is a three-piece alternative rock band, formed in London, United Kingdom, when former Luxembourg schoolmates Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal - who never actually spoke to each other at the time - met by accident at South Kensington train station in 1994. During their 'accidental' meet, Molko invited Olsdal to one of his gigs, where Olsdal was impressed by Molko's unique vocals. While briefly known as Ashtray Heart, the band...
Los Placebos is a Ska-band from Germany. Formed in 1994 in the German area 'Ruhrgebiet'. They mix Ska with elements out Jazz, Pop, Punk und Soul and tour throughout Germany and other countries. .
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Hands Up
Indian Coffee
Раз, два, три
Раз, два, три
Happy Sunrise
Hands Up
Saturday Morning
Changing Patterns
Mystery Glide
Sleeping With Ghosts (club2224)
I'll Be Yours (club2224)
Carbon Kid
Post Blue (MTV)
Where Is My Mind (cover The Pixies)
Lady of the Flowers
Devil In The Details
Dark Globe
John and Mary
Too Many Friends
Loud Like Love
20th Century Boy - OST Velvet Goldmine
been smoking too long
The Nеvеr-Ending Whу
My Sweet Prin
Sсеne оf the crime
Every You Every Me (MTV Unplugged)
Drink You Pretty
Booletproof Cupid
Plasticine [lepramusic]
The Bitter End (MTV Unplugged)
Drag (Meds,2006)
Heaven is inside you
One Of A Kind
01. Kitty Litter
11. in the cold light of morning
20th Century Boy