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The Producers could refer to more than one thing or band: 1) The Producers were a new wave/power pop band from Atlanta, Georgia that had success in the early to mid-80s. Original members included Van Temple on guitar and vocals, Kyle Henderson on bass and vocals, Wayne Famous on keyboards, and Brian Holmes on drums. Their eponymous debut album, released in 1981 through Portrait Records, hit #163 on the Billboard album chart. The single "What She Does To Me" proved a hit as well, reaching #61 on the Billboard Hot 100. Their follow-up, You Make The Heat, released in 1982...
producer snafu started his quest for having a purpose on the acclaimed dating website known as myspace. soon he was downloading software that everyone else had been using for years. and now he's got music on the internet, thanks to reposting and reposting , a couple people might even like it! .
A Produce was an American recording artist and independent label owner who recorded trance and ambient works. He died in September 2011. A Produce has been exploring the vast realm of trance-oriented musical expression for several years in rock formats and other styles. In the early 80's, he established Trance Port for a series of cassette-only releases, to document the growing local trance music scene. Of the nine releases, three were compilations of local musicians/artists working within the realm of modern day trance music. Now out of print, the L.A. Mantra series of tapes documented the early 80's trance scene...
In the mid '90's Raw Produce helped to re-establish the artistic merits of independent hip-hop. At a time when major labels dominated the landscape, Pitch (Damian Roskill) and Cadence (Seth Boyd) independently released three classic singles featuring sophisticated production, strong lyrical content and a sense of humor and intelligence lacking in much of the music of the day. They were poised to build on the momentum of their initial success when the death of Cadence's mother and subsequent death of Pitch's father drew them away from the studio. Not content to end their story there, Raw Produce has worked through...
Luke McMillan, a.k.a The DJ Producer has been a name synonymous with the U.K. underground rave/techno scene for the last 14 years. His passion for high powered, super precise, rapid beat mixing stems from his early passions of electro and hip hop. He got his first turntables in 1988, and by the time he started strode college in 1989 he was already starting to realize that the music was changing. Since these days of hedonism, Luke's career has gone from strength to musical strength, and as the music evolved, Luke really began to carve his name into the uk rave...
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Dare (Backing Track)
Give It to Me (Backing Track)
Poker Face
My Humps (Backing Track)
Dirty Harry (Backing Track)
When Love Takes Over (Backing Track)
I Bruise Easily
Tik Tok (Backing Track)
Bad Boys (Backing Track)
I Like the Way (Backing Track)
Foundations (Backing Track)
Heard 'em Say (Backing Track)
Axel F (Backing Track)
Wake Me Up
Ass Like That
Grace Kelly (Backing Track)
Bad Day (Backing Track)
A Night to Remember (Backing Track)
T Shirt (Backing Track)
What Goes Around... Comes Around
Poker Face (Backing Track)
Everybody in Love (Backing Track)
Let's Get Retarded (Backing Track)
Ass Like That (Backing Track)
What Goes Around... Comes Around (Backing Track)
Gasolina (Backing Track)
Don't Lie (Backing Track)
Ups and Downs
In the Middle (Backing Track)
My Humps
Hollaback Girl (Backing Track)
Speed of Sound (Backing Track)
Just Dance (Backing Track)
Love Story (Backing Track)
Pump It (Backing Track)
Popcorn (Backing Track)
Hung Up (Backing Track)
Lonely (Backing Track)
Womanizer (Backing Track)
Naughty Girl (Backing Track)
Toxic (Backing Track)
When I'm Gone (Backing Track)
Don't Phunk With My Heart (Backing Track)
It's My Life (Backing Track)