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Seven bands share the name "Closer": Closer (1): Closer is a Melodic Death Metal band from Hagfors, Värmland in Sweden. They used to go under the name Withered, but decided to get a new, fresh start when their label didn't hold up to the release contract. Before closing a new record deal, Closer was named Swedens best unsigned band by the prestigeous periodical Close-Up Magazine. On October 24th 2008, Closer released their anticipated debut - A Darker Kind of Salvation. The band now resides in Örebro, Sweden. Members: Andreas Melberg - Vocals Tobias Persson - Drums Per Bergquist - Guitar...
There are at least 2 bands performing under the name Loser: 1) Loser is an American Rock band, formed in late 2004. The band most notably features John 5 of Marilyn Manson fame as the guitarist. The entire band minus John 5 are originally from Texas, United States. The band played their first show in Hollywood, CA. When questioned in an interview regarding the bands sound Lowery replied; "..It is just great rock music. It is kinda like the Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age new-age stuff." Loser was set to release their debut album, "Just Like You", on...
The band originated after Guitarist, Steve Lombardi and Drummer, Nick Lombardi decided to create a new band with a new sound. While jamming one day with their friend Tyler Kilby, they decided to create something completely different. With nick switching over to bass, and Tyler on drums, a strong bottom end for the band would be created. Now in search for a singer, they quickly got in contact with a friend of theirs – Scott French. While jamming with Scott they knew right away he was exactly what they were looking for. All the recordings were originally created and produced...
Named after the book by Leonard Cohen, Beautiful Losers was Peter Wright's conception. This project represented the realization of his longstanding desire to work in a "traditional" band context - developing and improvising material with other musicians and, in particular, working with a drummer. In common with many projects spawned from the incestuous confines of the kRkRkRk recordings and/or Apoplexy labels, Beautiful Losers was of limited duration. The 3-piece lasted about nine months (June 2002 - March 2003) with its activities cut short by Peter Wrights departure overseas and David Khans return to tertiary study. By the time Beautiful Losers...
The Real Losers were a rock 'n' roll band from Leeds. Formed in 1999, under the influence of J.M.McCarthy's trash flick epic The Sore Losers, by Paula 'Hot Dog' Higgins and Chris 'Shake' Taylor who drafted a manifesto that stipulated that Shaun 'The Hand' Alcock play the guitar. The band attempted to recreate the motor city mayhem of the MC5 and The Stooges but failed miserably on their first release on Trepanner Headmusic records in Glasgow. The single 'Be A Panther' backed with 'Alright' and 'Electrick Losers' sank pretty much without trace. And the band took a more 'punk rock'...
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The Beach Is For Lovers (Not Lonely Losers)
Loser's Hymn
The Loser
Hanging On A Loser
still losers this christmas
One Seat Limousine
Sore Losers
Born Loser
Day Sixteen: Loser
Beautiful Losers
Born Losers
No Winners - No Losers
Loser, Lover
Crazy by Gnarls Barkley comedy parody Lazy
Train Wreck
Loser & Valious
Friday I'm in Love
Received (Safe and Sound)
They Say I'm a Loser
The Cave (Interlude)
Crazy Sexy Hypnotic
No Man Is An Island
Tasteful Tragedy