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There are at least five artists with the name "Tiara". 1) An indie rock band from Columbus, Ohio lead by eric Metronome. They have released five albums; Calling the Whales, Again Cast In, Titletron, The Summer of the Lion, The Summer of the Lamb, and Chained to the Crown. 2) A Japanese pop and R&B artist who debuted in September 2009 with the single "Sayonara wo Kimi ni..." featuring Spontania. 3) A Finnish female pop rock artist Tiia Marjanen that took part in the 2009 Finnish ESC national final with "Manala". 4) An El Salvadoran experimental metal / atmospheric metal...
Tiarah's new 2011 album titled Extinction Ceremony is available for free!!! Click HERE to download from DropBox For more info and song downloads visit: www.tiarah.com This is also a hardcore punk band from Serbia, exactly from Zenta (in Vojvodina) and the city is very nice, there's lots of concerts and also popular bands play there... The band was formed by Szebasztián Szabó in the year 2005 in a Senta, Serbia after being tired of playing in one of the best local upcoming hard-rock bands "High Voltage" made out of teenagers playing Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin. As...
tiaraway was a Japanese seiyū duo consisting of Saeko Chiba (千葉紗子, Chiba Saeko) and Yuuka Nanri (南里侑香, Nanri Yuuka). The group started out as a fix-termed seiyū duo in 2003, formed after the pair had recorded a song for the anime Memories Off 2nd. Their music, written and produced by Chiyomaru Shikura (志倉千代丸, Shikura Chiyomaru), was featured in various anime and games. The group released three singles and one album before holding their only live concert on 6 March 2005, the same day they announced that tiaraway would be dissolved. After the disbandment, the two members now concentrate on their...
Project lead by Charlize "Zodiac" Leigh Allen (originally leader of the experimental black metal one-man band "Charlize Zodiac"). This project meant is meant to create a more rock based, melancholic and emotional sound influenced by my most personal influences: Black Metal, Cold Wave, Shoegaze or Post-Rock and bands such as Alcest, Les Discrets and Amesoeurs. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ....Mutiara Damansara.. by ..Charlize Zodiac.... Members: Charlize "Zodiac" Leigh Allen: Vocals, Guitars, Programming, Loops, Synth .
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Ave Maria
Antikythera Mechanism
I'm Going Deep
Tiara Wark
High Enough (feat. Tiara Thomas)
High Enough (feat. Tiara Thomas)
Let Them Fly (feat. Samuil Vayger)
The Most Important
A Slice Of Heaven
The Most Important
Long Distance Tiara
A La Nanita Nana
All Over the Night
All Over the Night
Trophies, Tiaras and I Love You's
420 (feat. Tiara P)
Tiara Fetish
The Most Important
O Holy Night
The Most Important
Hey Girls