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Massive Attack are a trip-hop group which formed in Bristol, England in 1988. The group currently consists of Robert "3D" Del Naja and Grant "Daddy G" Marshall. Third member Andy "Mushroom" Vowles left the group in 1999. The band has released five studio albums: "Blue Lines" (1991), "Protection" (1994), "Mezzanine" (1998), "100th Window" (2003), and "Heligoland" (2010). On 28 January 2016, Massive Attack released a new EP, Ritual Spirit, followed by The Spoils in July. The group are considered to be progenitors of the trip hop genre. Their debut album, Blue Lines was released in 1991, with the single "Unfinished...
1) Massive is the new full on trance psychedelic solo project of Davina Elmosnino (also the woman behind the projects Sirius Isnes and Davina). Davina, 29 years old, was born in France but grew up in New Caledonia, a French island between Australia and New Zealand. She started to make music in the year 2000, and released her first track as Sirius Isness in 2003. Since then she made 3 Sirius Isness albums with Max Peterson, released on important labels such as Mind Control Records, Phantasm Records and Moon Spirits, and an impressive number of tracks for compilations all over...
Sari Abboud (in Arabic ساري عبّود) (born December 10, 1980 in Beirut, Lebanon) better known by his stage name Massari (in Arabic مساري) is Lebanese Canadian R&B, pop, and hip hop singer who grew up in Canada. Massari is Levantine-Arabic and Lebanese dialect slang for the word "money" (in Arabic مصاري) He moved to Montreal at the age of 10 and at 13 he moved to Ottawa where he currently resides. The trilingual artist – he speaks English, French and Arabic fluently – cites Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin as musical influences. However, growing up he has been...
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Rhyme Placement (Dirty)
Life To The MC (Clean)
Rhyme Placement
Unda Pressure
Under Pressure
Space Cases (Dirty)
Rhyme Placement
Rhyme Placement (1998)
Nighttime Groove (Bonus Track)
Life To The MC
2 Tha Left
All out (instrumental)
space casez
Clown Syndrome (Instrumental)
Under Pressure
Mass Influence / Morning Breath Chasers
Demo Type Shit
Analyze (MSC Acapella)
Analyze (feat. Mass Influence)
A Yo! Atlanta Ya On (Instrumental)
2 Tha Left (feat. Dynamic Syncopation)
Ground Zero (feat. Mass Influence)
Rhyme Placement
Life To The MC (Dirty)
Under Pressure (Dirty)
DJ Noize (Intro)
Nightime Groove
life to the mc (instrumental)
Ground Zero
No Doubt (Bonus Track)
Ollie Teeba R
Under Pressure (Clean)
Clown Syndrome (Dirty)
Mass Influence - Analyze
The Science (Bonus Track)
2tha Left (feat. Mass Influence)