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SMAP is a very popular Japanese "idol" group, formed by Johnny & Associates. Current members are: 中居正広 (Nakai Masahiro), 木村拓哉 (Kimura Takuya), 稲垣吾郎 (Inagaki Goro), 草彅剛 (Kusanagi Tsuyoshi) and 香取慎吾 (Katori Shingo). The members of SMAP have dominated the Japanese pop cultural landscape from their musical debut in 1991 until the present time (as of 2008), showing incredible longevity. They produce not just numerous hit singles, but also star in numerous television variety shows, dorama, commercials, movies, etc. They are almost unrivaled in their immense popularity among younger, and especially female, Japanese. SMAP was first formed in 1988, though their...
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not alone ~幸せになろうよ~ (SMAP)
Moment (Originally Performed by SMAP)
Joy!! (Originally Performed by SMAP)
Yes we are (Originally Performed by SMAP)
シャレオツ (Originally Performed by SMAP)
Sotto Kyutto (SMAP) - Orgel -
Let It Be(カラオケ)[原曲歌手:SMAP]
青いイナズマ -4Key(原曲歌手: SMAP)
Moment (Originally Performed by SMAP)
Top Of The World (Originally Performed by SMAP)
Mistake! (Originally Performed by SMAP)
Smap Triangle (Slowed and Reverb Remix)
Joy!! (Originally Performed by SMAP)
青いイナズマ +2Key(原曲歌手: SMAP)
not alone Shiawase ni narouyo (SMAP)
Mistake! (Originally Performed by SMAP)
たいせつ (Originally Performed by SMAP)
SHAKE +5Key(原曲歌手:SMAP)
青いイナズマ -3Key(原曲歌手: SMAP)
青いイナズマ -5Key(原曲歌手: SMAP)
This is love (Originally Performed by SMAP)
青いイナズマ -1Key(原曲歌手: SMAP)
青いイナズマ +5Key(原曲歌手: SMAP)
SHAKE -4Key(原曲歌手:SMAP)
This is love (SMAP)
青いイナズマ +1Key(原曲歌手: SMAP)
White Message (Originally Performed by SMAP)
Smap Triangle