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Rising from the ashes and Digging For Victory Soundsci is the brainchild of JonnyCuba (Dynamic Syncopation) and Audessey (MassInfluence) after collaborating previously while in MassInfluence on numerous occasions for Ninja Tune (Ground Zero, Dedicated, Systematic and 2 Tha Left) they kept in touch and continued making music together. While making the first project “Dig for Victory” DJ Ollie Teeba (Herballiser) and U-George (Hemisphere) where brought in on the project and they became a constant part of the sound which lead to them joining the Soundsci crew. Later on while working on the “Formula 99″ project they linked up with Oxygen...
Found 66 songs, duration: 03:26:58
The Remedy
Write On
Rhyme 4 Rhyme (DJ Format Remix)
Mathematics (feat. Soundsci)
Aim High (Featuring Soundsci)
Cosmic (feat. The Simonsound)
Soundsci - Entrapment
Paycheck Blues
Class in Session
In A Flash
The Remedy (Evil Needle Remix)
The New Division
Entrapment (Instrumental)
written in stone
Changing of the Gods
End Game
Coastin' (Re-Blessed)
Formula 99
Freedom (Bonus track)
drugs, guns & economics rmx (digital bonus)
The Remedy (magOwl Remix)
Fe Fi Fo (Instrumental)
Hey Hey feat. John Robinson
The Remedy (G.Bonson rmx)
All Hands On Deck (feat. DJ Woody and Mr. Thing)
Styles (Dub Version)
Raise Em High
The Art of Smoke and Mirrors (Bonus track)
The Art Of Smoke And Mirrors
Blowing Up (Instrumental)
S.O.S. (Instrumental)
Entrapment (prod. by Ollie Teeba)
Drugs, Guns & Economics Remix (digital bonus)
Changing of The Gods (Bonus track)
Silent Entrapment (Silent Someone Remix)
S.O.S. (feat. Soundsci)
Soundsational Preview Coming Soon
Lower Level (SoundSci Remix)
Droppin' Needles (Featuring Soundsci)
Lower Level (SoundSci Remix)