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There are two groups named Terror Squad : 1) Terror Squad is an American hip hop collective that was first established in 1998. Based in The Bronx borough of New York City, the members of Terror Squad collectively debuted on a song in member Fat Joe's album Don Cartagena. Terror Squad released its eponymous debut, The Album, in 1999, with its first major hit "Whatcha Gon' Do", credited mostly to Big Pun, who died of a heart attack in 2000. After Big Pun's death, his longtime partners Cuban Link and Triple Seis left the group and were subsequently replaced by...
The band name is actually "BUMS" and "Fluchtpunkt Terror" is the name of the album of that band. BUMS is a German punk rock band, which was actually pretty good. .
From their Myspace : The Terrordactyls are Michael Cadiz and Tyrel Stendahl. Michael was Born in Baltimore, Maryland. Tyrel is from Tukwila, Washington. Their birth places are the source of their magic, speed and unusually superior upper-body strength. They are both extremely lovable and popular individuals. Michael’s interests include: fabricating truths on job applications, multiple choice questions and running away. Tyrel enjoys guns, organizing his itunes music library and being good at life. Originally a quartet, The Terrodactyls once featured Brendhan Bowers on drums and Scott Yoder on guitar. The two eventually left the band because they were no longer...
This is a d-beat / crust band from Bordeaux / France. They are formed in '04, released a demo, two 7"es and an LP. Their sound is similar to bands like Totalitär, Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Diskonto http://gasmaskterror.free.fr/ .
Hard House DJ from Japan. http://www.myspace.com/donkterrorist .
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