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There are three artists using this name: (1) Based in Manchester U.K., The High were formed in 1989 by John Matthews and guitarist Andy Couzens. Couzens was a former member of The Stone Roses and played guitar on the tracks 'So Young & 'Tell Me'. Their debut album 'Somewhere Soon' was released in 1990 on London Records. Their first three singles 'Box Set Go', 'Take Your Time' & 'Up & Down' were also released in 1990. The song 'Up & Down' was actually written by Couzens while he was still in the Stone Roses. Their second album 'Hype' was released...
Epik High (에픽하이) is an alternative hip hop group from Seoul, South Korea, composed of three members—Tablo (타블로; Real name: Daniel Armand Lee, Lee Seon-woong (이선웅)), Mithra Jin (Mithra 眞, 미쓰라 진, 미쓰라 眞; Real name: Choi Jin (최진)), and DJ Tukutz (DJ 투컷; Real name: Kim Jeong-sik (김정식)). All three members of Epik High can sing, write lyrics, and compose and arrange music. Their music has been known to be a "lyrical piece of literature" and "urban poetry", lyric orientated, soulful and often witty while addressing serious social issues such as identity, discrimination, community, unity and change as a...
High Tone was formed in the year 1997 in the city of Lyon, France. The idea and leitmotiv of the musicians were to mix the traditional dub music with their others musical influences such as drum'n'bass, hip-hop or Oriental music. They also mixed up the instruments: using turntables and samples as well as the more traditional guitar, drums and bass-guitar. After a few self produced vinyl EPs -Bot Bud Seasons (1997) and Low Tone (1998)- High Tone signed at the label Jarring Effects. From this new collaboration came the first real album of the band -Opus Incertum (2000)- available both...
HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR was a Japanese rock group signed to Sony Music Entertainment Japan from 2003 to 2008, when they switched labels to Spice Records on January 1, 2009 until their disbandment on August 11, 2010. HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR have often been referred to as the "sister band" of popular Japanese band Orange Range. This is because both come from the Okinawa area of Japan and both bands were discovered at the same music festival. The band started with members MEG and SASSY, who were continuously performing in a Metallica cover band. They soon sought to make music...
There are more than 1 band named Aces High. 1. Aces High is a British Pop/Rock band. 2. Aces High is a blues/jem American band. 3. Aces High is a Scottish heavy metal band. 4. Aces High is an American metal band based in Los Angeles. 5. Aces High was formed in 2008 out of the sheer desire to pay tribute to the best heavy metal band in history. The focus was to bring incredibly faithful reporoductions of live Iron Maiden songs to as many fans as possible, knowing that the opportunities for Maiden fans to see them live are...
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Return to the Highlands
Highest In The Room
Wake Up In The Sky
High by The Beach
No Escape From The Bass
High by the Beach
Higher Then A Satellite
Whyd You Only Call Me When You're High
I'm the Highway
High of the Ground
Contradiction (From "The God of High School")
Get You The Moon
Highbrow Love
Highest in the room
High by the Beach
L'ultimo Dei Mohicani
High by the Beach
Duel of the Fates
Highway to the Stars
Счастья нету
Journey Through the Highlands
Riding The Interspace Highway
The Empire Strikes Back, Pt. 1
High by the Beach
The High (prod. Gifted & Blessed)
High by the Beach
Moral Of The Story
High Wire