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Billions of the brightest stars, secret and unknown planets… An eternal silence reigns amidst millions of miles of endless space – the places where only a handful of people have been. Outer space. Will man ever be able to understand it all? What mysteries and discoveries are hidden there? Nobody knows except the dreamers who are inspired by the cosmos to create the most beautiful tales of distant planets and the eternity of existence. Sleep dealer is a post-rock one-man-band formed in Moscow, Russia in 2009. First EP on Radio Hand Netlabel: http://radiohandnetlabel.blogspot.com/2009/11/rh004-sleep-dealer-way-home.html .
Cosmic Dealer (1968-1971, brief return in 1973) was a psychedelic hard-rock band from Dordrecht, The Netherlands, whose only LP, 1971's Crystallization, is regarded as a rare masterpiece amongst psych collectors. Formed in 1968 as The Floating Fudge Featuring The Cosmic Dealer, the band abbreviated its name in 1970 to become Cosmic Dealer. The line-up that wrote and recorded the Crystallization LP was: Frans Poots: vocals, flute, percussion Bas van der Pol: guitars, vocals Jan Reynders: guitars, vocals Angelo Noce Santoro: bass Ad Vos: drums, percussion The 1971 album was a commercial failure and the group disbanded before year's end, but...
Emanuele and Fulvio met for the first time at parties in Italy. Both with the passion of creating their own beats they decided to begin creating music togheter and so Advanced Dealers was born. After a couple of years of hard work, spending days and nights in studio, finally they got a chance with Cenobite Records! But this is just the beginning and more beats are going to come soon! .
DOUBLE DEALER was a hard rock/heavy metal band from Japan formed by Takenori Shimoyama (SIXRIDE, SABER TIGER) and Norifumi Shima (CONCERTO MOON) in 2000. They toured France in the same year as an opening act of Symphony X. Their activity had been suspended intermittently, and indefinitely stopped in July 2007. Members Vocal: 下山武徳 (Shimoyama Takenori) → ANDROGENUS → SABER TIGER → DOUBLE DEALER, SIXRIDE Guitar: 島紀史 (Shima Norifumi) → DIOR → CRYSTAL CLEAR → CONCERTO MOON, DOUBLE DEALER Bass: 木本高伸 (Kimoto Takanobu) (2005-2007) → HEAD LOOSE → BABYLON → PRECIOUS → CARPE DIEM → KILLER ELITE, CONCERTO MOON, DOUBLE DEALER...
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El Plug (Freestyle)
Come and Go
Salir Del Block