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Pearl Jam is an American rock band formed in 1990 in Seattle, Washington. Since its inception, the band's line-up has included Eddie Vedder (lead vocals), Mike McCready (lead guitar), Stone Gossard (rhythm guitar), and Jeff Ament (bass). Since 1998, the band has also included drummer Matt Cameron (also of Soundgarden). Boom Gaspar (piano) has also been a session/touring member with the band since 2002. Formed after the demise of Gossard and Ament's previous band, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam broke into the mainstream with its debut album, Ten, in 1991. One of the key bands in the grunge movement of...
Earl Klugh (Born September 16, 1953 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American smooth jazz/jazz fusion guitarist and composer. Klugh finger picks a classical guitar with nylon strings. At the age of 13, Klugh was captivated by the guitar playing of Chet Atkins when he made an appearance on the Perry Como Show. He has since been a guest on several Atkins albums. Atkins, reciprocating as well, joined Earl on his Magic In Your Eyes album. Klugh was also influenced by Bob James, Ray Parker Jr, Wes Montgomery and Laurindo Almeida. His sound is a blend of these jazz, pop and...
Korean name: 티어라이너 Tearliner actually started out as a six member band in January of 2004, but before the release of its first album, the group turned into a duo and then a one man band. Tearliner, who also just goes by Liner, born Park Sung-hoon, was never classically trained and doesn’t even read sheet music. His music is influenced by everything he has experienced in life and is classified by some as “Dream Pop,” because his music has a dream-like quality to it. Tearliner was first signed to Pastel Music which was founded in 2003 and was, at the...
There are several bands known as Black Pearl: 1.)The first Black Pearl was from the West Coast. The lead singer was wild showman Bernie "B.B." Fieldings. Though the members of the group were from the Boston area and the band was formed in Boston they left immediately to play in Aspen, Colorado where they were a house band for several months. They moved to San Francisco in 1967. The formation of Black Pearl by Oak OConnor and Geoff Morris was what split up of the Barbarians for whom some of the group had previously played. The group released an album...
Earl Kenneth Hines, universally known as Earl "Fatha" Hines, (28 December 1903 – 22 April 1983) was a jazz musician, often referred to as "the first modern jazz pianist". In 1928 (on his 25th birthday) Hines began leading his own big band. For over 10 years his was "The Band" in Al Capone's Grand Terrace Cafe — Hines was Capone's "Mr Piano Man". Hines recorded for Victor in 1929, then after a gap for Brunswick from 1932-1934, Decca from 1934-1935, then after another gap, Vocalion from 1937-1938 and Bluebird from 1939-1942 (nearly all among the best Black Jazz of the...
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Mindmed and $B.N.G.O.
My Best Earl Sweatshirt Impression (feat. Amaru)
Mindmed and $B.N.G.O.
Quest/Power [prod. Samiyam & Budgie]
Solace Pt. II
Earl Sweatshirt
Solace Pt. I
Easter Sunday (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)
Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat
All I Need (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)
Solace Pt. IV
Solace Pt. III
Solace Pt. V
Off Top (Instrumental)
allstar (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)
Freddie Krueger
Homebound (Gotta Laugh)
[FREE] Earl Sweatshirt type beat (prod. OG DOOM)
Chum (Left Brain Remix)
Inside (Slowed & Screwed)
{f r e e} earl sweatshirt type beat | "resin"
Black Emperor (Unreleased)
Stick Up (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt)
Some Rap Songs (2018)
Oldies ft. Tyler the Creator
Realy Doe / Cut
Solace Pt. V
Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat
Tu Tienes Wifi (prod. by Earl Sweatshirt)
Run4yourlife / Foodies (Unreleased Songs)