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Since its formation in 2008, Eternal Void has been pushing the boundaries of metal on the local scene. Growing tiresome of generic metal bands, they have set out to create their own sound by combining multiple influences to create an intensely unique sound. The group has grown relentless in its search for domination and seeks to put metal back in the spotlight and any naysayers firmly in their place. "An unsigned band that already sounds like a top quality act that should be booking cross country tours and selling out venues..." -Ty Arthur, Metal Underground "With lyrics with meaning behind...
Formed at the begining of the year 2000 in Spain. Members: - Sol (Vte.Rubén). Voice, guitars, keyboards and drums. .... - De-ath. Stage guitar player - David Tenza. Original bass player until 2009. - Miguel Palazon. ex-stage Bass player .
Eternal Mourning is a Portuguese death-doom metal band with gothic influences. There music is characterized by slow to medium tempos; instrumentation making use of traditional metal staples but in addition, violins; and soaring female singing juxtaposed with harsh death metal vocals and male clean singing. They are signed to the label Goimusic, and have to date released three albums and two demos. The band's lineup is as follows: Male Voice - Mário Pereira Female Voice - Rita Gamito Lead guitar - Mini Rhythm guitar - José Meninas Bass guitar - Marco Faria Keyboards - Miguel Santos Drums - Nuno Costa...
1. A symphonic gothic metal band from Italy that has released 2010 Darkness and Regret EP 2013 Raw Poetry 2015 Chasing Chimera 2. A death metal band from New London, Wisconsin with one album released in 2010 The Arsonist and two demos. 3. A melodic black metal band hailing from Norway. That released 2 albums and an EP before Splitting up. 1999 From Beyond Time 2001 Between the Unseen EP 2003 Among the Shapeless Shadows .
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The Eternal Wanderer
Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog
The eternal wanderer
The eternal wanderer
Eternal Wanderer
Eternal Wanderer
The Heart Is an Eternal Wanderer
The Heart Is an Eternal Wanderer
Eternal Wanderer
Eternal Wanderer >2deep
The eternal wanderer (Extended mix)
Eternal Wanderer
Eternal Wanderer
The Door to a Parallel World
Homeless Soul
Eternal Farewell
How Long I'd Been Facing The Dark
So Far And So Near
Born To Suffer
And The World Will Be
Energy Of Light
Following A Neutrino's Flight
Ride Without End
09.The End Of The Satellite Age (2016)
Born To Suffer
Invested with Mystery
Вечный странник (Eternal wanderer)
Above the Mountains
The Cradle of a Hurricane
Dark Waters I
.Gamma Waves
I'm the eternal wanderer of the void
So Far And So Near
Excelsior! [Russian version]
Violet Eyes
Methane Rain
06.Silent World (2016)
Invincible Fortress Azovstal