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1. Cassiel is an Italian eurodance act active in the middle 90s. It was arranged and produced by A. Costa, Malatesti, Vivaldi and Francesco Alberti. They recorded the hit "Day After Day". 2. Cassiel is the pseudonym for London, UK-based composer, performer, software architect and media artist Nick Rothwell. Cassiel projects generally involve collaboration with internationally-renowned choreographers and contemporary dance companies, such as Laurie Booth, Ballett Frankfurt, Russell Maliphant, Lea Anderson, Aydın Teker (İstanbul) and Random Dance Company (Sadler's Wells). Cassiel plays live sets of pulse-based electronica utilising a variety of control surfaces and custom-designed software performance systems, with a...
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Rkt Turra
Damiel and Cassiel
Cassiel(Original Mix)
Under star
Day After Day (Dream Mix)
Cassiel (Splice OST)
Day After Day (Extended)
Te Iras con Él #Bachata2o18
dark side of space(dark ambient)
Day After Day (Electronic Mix)
- Day After Day
Day After Day
Onotole(Industrial Deathcore)
Unending (feat. Martin Cassiel)
Day After Day (Dream Mix)
Hopeless end
Some ebm
Day after day (electronic mix)
Day after day
Devastator (feat. Martin Cassiel)
Day After Day (Dream Mix)
demo3 v1(dark electro\industrial)
7.0 Cassiel
Day After Day
Day After Day (Dream Mix)
demo4v2(Dark Electro)
Day After Day
Day After Day (Dream Dance Mix)
Into the forest of despair
demo3 v0.5(dark electro\industrial)
Day After Day (Fusion Mix)
Cassiel (Original Mix)