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Hateful Abandon is a band playing a unique blend of music ranging from Post-Punk, the Industrial pioneers, Black Metal & Anarcho Punk with a wide variety of other influences. The band was formed in Bristol, UK in 2004. https://twitter.com/HATEFULABANDON Official Website Candlelight Records (Label) Vice Martyr: - Guitar, Bass, Voice, Words, Assembly SWINE: - Percussion, Guitar, Keys, Dials, Glue Other links: Release Info Artist page at Label site Order FAMINE from the Todestrieb Mailorder .
Hateful - Oi! & Street Punk Rock band from Glasgow (ex-members of scottish street punk band Distorted Truth http://www.last.fm/music/Distorted+Truth ) Kev - Drummer/Vocals.... Alex - Vocals/Guitar.... Barry - Guitar/ Vocals..... Fra - Bass/Vocals.... Mike Menarry - Manager/Manipulator -------------------------- Hateful - Death Metal band from Italy Current members: Marcello Malagoli - Drums, Vocals Massimo Vezzani - Guitar (Shadowfost) Daniele Lupidi - Bass, Vocals, Guitar (Valgrind (Ita), Recreant) -------------------------- The Polish black metal band formed in 1996. The members of Hateful are : Morxakh - guitar and keyboards Demon - vocals (also vocals Szron ) Necro - drums ( also Ohtar,Selbstmord )...
Hateform is a finnish thrash Metal band from the city of Turku. They have been active since the year 2004 with their five-man lineup: Petri Nyström on vocals, Tomy Laisto and Tom Gardiner on the guitar, Joni Suodenjärvi on the bass guitar, and Tuomas Vähämaa behind the drums. Their first significant gig was in Klubi, Turku on the 11th of June 2004, with Entwine, Before The Dawn and Stonedeep. At the end of 2007, Hateform got signed to a new record label called 7:45 Records. Hateform released their debut album "Dominance" on the 30th of January 2008. .
Ali Hatefi known as HATEF,Composer,Singer,Poet.Left iran after Islamic Revolution, He Became famous with the Hit ZANGE TAFRIH in the late 1360's... .
If Swiss PunkRock is as good as swiss chocolate, Hateful Monday definitiely is the peanut of it all... Formed in 1999 in the Geneva suburbs by Lead singer Seb and drummer Igor, the band will later find its final identity with the arrival of guitar palyers Gr3g and Matt, coming all the way from the nice french neighbourood... The band already have 2 EP and 1 LP released on independant swiss label such as Hannibal's Records (Swiss favorite independant sh*t !). The latest one called "take a breath", released in january 2004 have led the band to tour all around...
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Hejran (2021)
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Hatef Mehraban ft Houssem Amari - Salha
Tsintskaro 2019
Unite (Original Mix)
Hatef Mehraban - Feel the breeze
Hatef Mehraban ft. Houssem Amari - Salha
Don't Run Away ( AZ MAN MAGORIZ)
Tsintskaro [hithotmusic] Lounge
Hatef Mehraban - Feel the breeze
Tabe Eshgh
Bavar Kon
Tobe (Official Video)
Az Man Magoriz
Без названия
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Hatef Mehraban - Guitara 2023
Haghighat (Ft Mori Zare)
Tsintskaro (Hatef Mehraban)
Tabe (Original Mix)
Royaye Kaghazi
Hatef Mehraban - Guitara 2023
Toro Mikham
Kalafe Misham Az Khodam
Dele Shahr Gereft
Zang e Tafrih
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