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There are multiple artists named Lament: 1) Lament is a deathcore band from Michigan, United States. Signed to Imminence Records. 2) Lament is a Christian death metal band from Mexico City, Mexico. 3) Lament is a band from the UK, playing a fusion of Latin, jazz and flamenco. Official site: 4) Lament is a indie rock band from Leipzig, Germany. Official site: 5) Lament is a 1970s / '80s / '90s type of R&B cover band, from Estonia. Official site: 6) Lament was a new wave / punk band from Eindhoven, Netherlands. Active in the 1980s. 7)...
There are more than an artist with the same name: (1) Lamento is a project of the Brazilian singer Fernanda Rittinghaus and the German musician Roman Rütten (one of the members of Endraum), formed 2007 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and ended in 2011. Their music combines elements from gothic, electronic and dreampop. [url=[officialsite]]Official Homepage MySpace (2) Lamento:Beyond The Void is a PC DVD-ROM "boy's love" game by Nitro+ CHIRAL, with music by ZIZZ Studio. Listeners of its soundtrack should change the artist tag to ZIZZ Studio. (3) Lamento is an italian rapper. .
Haunting Ambient/Organ music with eerie chants from Greece. Released three demo tapes in the 90s: "Eine Symphonie der Nacht" 1994, "Fullmoon Over Faerhaaven" 1995 and "As Shadowkingdom Comes To My Sight" 1996 before changing name to Nachtkaiser. Members were Jarl von Hagall and Hjarulv, known from Der Stürmer. Lamentation biography by Jarl von Hagall from The Stormer zine's interview: "My past project was LAMENTATION, consisted by me and Hjarulv. We were playing dark atmospheric ambient music using synths and piano, influenced by the spirit of keyboard projects predominating in the scene back then. Our concept was based in the European...
There are at least two groups called Parlament: 1) 80's new wave group from Croatia. They recorded two albums:"Imena i legende" (Suzy 1980.) and "Sve piše u zvijezdama" (Jugoton 1982.) 2) Trupa a luat fiinta in martie 1998. In mai 1998 a realizat un demo cu 5 melodii incluzand piesa "Vine vara", devenita ulterior marele hit al verii anului 1998. In august 1998 a aparut primul maxi single intitulat "Vine vara", cuprinzand toate cele 5 piese de pe demo. In acest moment trupa a inceput o serie de aparitii live si TV. Piesa a beneficiat de o promovare sustinuta la...
Angelo Badalamenti (born March 22, 1937) is an American composer for film and television, best known for his hauntingly atmospheric work with filmmaker David Lynch, whose collaborations include Blue Velvet, Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the World Soundtrack Awards in 2008. Angelo Badalamenti was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States to an Italian family. He began taking piano lessons at age eight and spent much of his childhood listening to opera and classical music. He studied at the Eastman School of Music and at Manhattan School of Music where he earned a...
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Lamentations of the Heart
Lament for Soldier's Glory (Order 227)
Beat Laments the World
Lamento Boliviano
Lamenting City
Beat laments the world
Ilmarinen's Lament
The Sinful Soul Laments and Moans
Lament of Innocence
Beat laments the world
Lonely World
Lamento Borincano
Lamentum Hominis
Sailor's Lament Sea Shanty
The Lament of the Spider
Villanelle's Lament (Inspired by 'killing Eve')
Lamenting Kiss
Lamento di Tristano
Burning of the Piper's Hut / The Piper's Lament
Orphan's Lament
The Lament of the Wind
A Lament for the End
Lamenting Hymns
My Lament
Lament Subrosa