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Years after the zombie apocalypse ravaged the galaxy, Major Lazer went into isolation after bringing peace and order to Earth. With the help of a mysterious shadow government called Cinco he was cryogenically frozen as a safeguard for the future’s wellbeing. Despite a great many years of pursuing peace on the planet, a new threat began to loom on the horizon and the commando was brought out of sleep by the Committee of Five. This intergalactic group faced an opponent that only Major Lazer could defend against: his former superior and commander General Rubbish. Rubbish had come out of deep...
Four different groups have performed under the name Major: Major(Bosnia and Herzegovina) Major is a new wave band formed in Sarajevo, BiH in 1986. The original lineup consists of Darko Jelisić, Boris Sofronić, Igor Legat, Miroslav Mijanović and Aleksandar Samardžija. Other participating musicians include: Braco Šolaja/artist], Neven Miseljić, Bojan Popović, Faris Arapović, Đani Pervan, Alan Omerović, Saša Bjelica, Igor Milanović, Rade Grahovac and Almir Lemeš. Major published their first and only album "Son late zigi daj" in 1989. Their second album, "A pa pa", was never published due to war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Free tracks can be downloaded at...
There are at least three artists with the name Silent Majority. 1. Silent Majority formed on long island in the mid-90's and became one of the most influential hardcore bands from the area. Tom currently sings for Capital. Many people consider them to be the best hardcore band originating from Long Island of their time Silent Majority started 1990, as something of a joke band called Splastic Action. The band was started by Tommy Corrigan on vocals, Rich Jacovina on guitar, Jim Mallin on bass and I believe Tommy's brother Steve on drums. I'm pretty sure Ryan Heyner joined a...
Free Flow's a funkadelicious mash-up of groove, heartfelt soul and west-coast flavour. .
There is more than one artist with the name Freestyle: 1. Swedish synthpop group from the early 1980s 2. Electro artist Tony Butler 3. Filipino band 4. American MC from Arsonists. 5. Korean band - use this tag - 프리스타일 1. A Swedish synthpop group from the early 1980s. Their most popular hits were "Vill Ha Dig" and "Fantasi". Members: Tommy Ekman, Christer Sandelin, Gigi Hamilton, Joakim Hagleitner, Anders Uddberg and Diane Corinne Söderholm. When the group split up in 1983, Sandelin, Ekman and Hamilton formed Style. Freestyle briefly reunited in 1998, re-recording a few old songs. 2. One of...
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Get free [Trap]
Get free Trap
Get free(TRAP)
Get Free ( Tony Junior Booty Trap 2014)
Get free [Trap]
Get free [Trap]
Get_free_[Trap] 2015
Get Free (Tony Junior BootyTrap)
Get Free (Trap)
Get free [Slowed Trap MCART Remix]
Get Free ( Dj SYAMA-praize booty ) [TRAP]
Major Lazer – Get Free ( Tony Junior Booty Tra
Get Free (Trap mix)
Get free [Trap]
Get free (Trap remix 2014 [Remastered])
Get free [Trap] [#BassBoosted BySerGo]
Get Free (Yellow Claw TRAP Remix)
Get free (Dj Bogatoff Chill Trap remix)
Major Lazer - Get free [Trap](low Bass)