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This group, "Le Grand Uff Zaque", is exceptionally unconventional. It has a firm base in Jazz, Hip-Hop, Standards, House and many more styles - i.e. they know what the play and have their complete own way of playing. They are completely anarchistic since they don't care about "style" - that's what makes them so intriguing. Listen to them on MySpace and better: go to one of their gigs. Laura has a very personal, "adult" voice and conveys wonderful individuel emotions, Max is the crazy and inventive keyboarder (he even plays the Beethoven Pathetique introduction with applomb), Marcel and his sexy...
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Elevator Outlaw
Saxual Freedom
Sweet Kisses (Zaque Mix)
Mundo Caos
Cargo Con el Peso
María Era de Acapulco
El Negro de la Costa
Cargo Con el Peso Unstru
Deep oral sex (Zaque Mix)
Para Siempre
Más de una Vez (Unstru)
El Venado Es de Ixcapa
Cargo Con el Peso la Venganza de Pedro
Felicidad (La Venganza de Pedro)
Cargo Con el Peso la Venganza de Pedro Unstru
Querida, el Centro de Mi Corazón
Más de una Vez la Venganza de Pedro (Unstru)
En Este Lugar
El Negro Más Chulo
Esta Es la Verdadera Historia