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Danja Mowf is a Virginia-based emcee and co-founder of hip-hop crew The SupaFriendz. He produced "Vowel Movements" in 1996, which introduced the world to the group. He released his debut album titled "Word of Mowf" in 1997. In 1999 he received even more exposure appearing on the remix for "Are You That Somebody" alongside Aaliyah. .
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Dangerous (Lonnie B. Remix Instrumental)
Unseen World Pt. II
Like Flies (feat. Javon) (1997)
Strange Fruit
Question (Original Version)
Espionage (Feat. Kalonji The Immortal)
Phone Tag
Jack-N-Da Weedstalk
Strange Fruit (feat. Shawn Chapelle)
14 Ladies
Espionage (feat. Kalonji)
Simple Clarence
Question (Instrumental)
Mowf Of Madness
Make It Hot (feat. Lonnie B.)
Espionage (feat. Kalonji The Immortal)
Vowel Movement (feat. The SupaFriendz)
question? (instrumental)
1996 dangerous (lonnie b. remix)
Make It Hot
question(1997 va)
Make It Hot (feat. Lonnie B & Shawn Chapelle)
Unseen world (part 2)
question (remix instrumental)
Mowf Of MADness (feat. Mad Skillz)
Make It Hot ft. Lonnie B.
Unseen World Ft The Superfrien
14 Ladies (feat. S. Thomson)
Like Flies
Dangerous (1997)
Phone Tag (feat. SupaFriendz)
Watchin You
Like Flies
Vowel Movement
Make it hot (ft. Lonnie B.)
Watchin' You (feat. Duane Folkes)
Dangerous (Acapella Danja Voice)
Like Flies (feat. Javon The Medieval)
Question ? (Original)
Jack & Da Weedstalk (Original Version)
Like Flies Ft. Javon (#AR4L)
Dangerous (Lonnie B. Remix)