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Meet kass. A 21st Century Kid, with 21st Century ideals, he's ripping up the tarmac in your neighbourhood, and replacing it with delightfully textured beats and whatnot. He's stealing the colours of the rainbow, and painting some weird splodgy stuff with them. Hence the title of his latest EP, Emulsion - out on 29th August 2011 at http://kassmusiq.bandcamp.com Following that, it's likely that he'll go into hibernation for a while, but rest assured when he returns, he shall raise the bar again. And if it's a chocolate bar, probably eat it. .
Kassian Troyer was born in 1977. After having studied audio engineering and computer music at Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Wien, he has been working permanently as musician, sound engineer, sound artist. Now he lives in Berlin. He played and took part in projects in different important festival and locations: Krytptonale in Berlin (2002), Fuenfhaus/Museumsquartier in Wien (2003) with Peter Brandlmayr, Transart 2003 in Bolzano, Schloss Wildberg in Wien (2003), Unsound Festival in Krakow. His works have been exhibited in different important European locations : "Artists in Motion" - groupexhibition in Warsaw and Krakow (Poland), "Processos Oberts" with...
Hassan Kassayi (also spelled Hassan Kassai) is a master of the Persian nay (or ney), a reed flute. He is frequently referred to as the best nay player in history. Kassayi was born on September 26, 1928 in Isfahan, Iran. His father appreciated music and his home was a popular rendezvous for musicians, among them vocalist Seyed Hosein Taherzadeh, tar player Akbar Khan Noroozi, Gholamhosein Saranj (kamancheh), Jallil and Hosein Shahnaz (tar), vocalist Esmayil Addib Khansari, vocalist Jaflal Taj Isfahani, and nay player Maestro Aboihassan Sabba. Growing up in such a home, Kassai developed a keen sense of musical and...
Found 11 songs, duration: 54:10
6 Surrender
8 Dear Friend
4 Make Me Forget
3 Sounds
10 Silence
Rain (feat. Konni Kass)