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There are at least 9 bands with this name: 1. Tyrant (swe) was created in early 2007 by Peter Bjärgö (Arcana, Crypt of Kerberos, Sophia, Meanwhile), Danel Bragman (Vinterland, The Black) and Anderas Jonsson (Vinterland, The Black). During the recordings of the next album of The Black the thought of something old, dirty and raw came in mind. It was the thought of getting back to the roots with a sound like Venom, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer and more. The debutalbum "Reclaim the flame" was released by Listenable, but the band is signed to Pulverized Records. This album is also to...
Current Line Up: Manuel Siewert (vox), Nils Werner (bass), Hendrik-Koop-Lampe (git), Michael Tybussek (git), Carsten Schumacher (dr) Northern Germany-based Chronicle Of Tyrants was founded in february 2002 by Marco Wolfanger (git, vox), Carsten Schumacher (dr) and Manuel Siewert (vox). In the course of time some songs were composed which were obviously inspired by Swedish Death Metal both the modern style and the past. After having released the first demo "Mental Decay" in October 2003 completely on their own, the following period CoT among others played with bands like Dismember, Disillusion, God Dethroned, Anata, and several german underground-acts. Having written several...
The Tyrants formed after a chance meeting by Michael J and Abbe Kanter in a Hollywood acting class. The tyranny began in local punk and new wave clubs with songs like “3 People Nude Below the Waist” and "In the Shadow of Hitler." But in 1986, they released "Too Tuff to Cry," an ultra sincere disco track that blew up into a club smash from East L.A. to Mexico City. TIT still was still unsatisfied. "We had evolved beyond Dance into strange new territory…even for us," says AbbeAbbe, the female Tyrant. "After shows, fans were asking where they could buy...
Ohio's Woe Of Tyrants spent the entirety of 2009 criss-crossing the US on a multitude of tours. After the grueling schedule came to a close, you'd think they would, and most bands do, head home to relax and take some time off. Not Woe Of Tyrants. They immediately dove right into songwriting for Threnody, the follow up to their sophomore album and Metal Blade debut, Kingdom Of Might. This time around, the guys have seriously turned up the shred-knob and have churned out an album chock full of incredibly exhilarating and exciting songs. Their style lends itself to a level...
xTyrantx is: Vocals- John, Dave Guitar- Terry, Matt Bass- Scott Drums- Grant With lyrics like, “I kill for straight edge” and “Strong I stand, with no shame,” the band wears their lifestyle on their sleeve, something too many bands abstain from these days in favor of commercial success. This Motor City hardcore band formed in 2003 from the ashes of xTrephinex, Driven by Fire, Provoke, and King of Clubz and quickly became one of the most brutal and olemical bands in the area. Although not touring extensively, they’ve left their mark locally and promise to bring their heavy breakdowns and...
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Another Tyrant
Dread Is Dread
Nuclear Bomb
Narrow Dust
Mix me up (feat. 3rd Eye)
Cranial Tyrant
The Awakening of Sleeping Gods
Wrath and Disgust
Coach Clarter
Jungle Animal
How Do You Feel
Robert Mugabe (Tyrant Of Harare)
Tomb of the Tyrant
Late Night (feat. Tlow the Tyrant & J.O.K.E.S)
Be About It (feat. Tlow the Tyrant)
No Tyrant
The Fall of the Tyrant
Comédie, Op. 5: No. 6
Tyrant Radical Shining Path
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Incestuous Tyrant Bloodline
A Tyrant's Nightmare
Tyrant Machine
Tyrant (Suanda 346) [Exclusive]
Tyrant Fate
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