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Cynthia, the daughter of a New Jersey stockbroker, and Annmarie, the daughter of an Irish racecar driver, first became acquainted with each other in Los Angeles, where they had both moved to pursue music and adventure! The girls got together to form SAUCY MONKY after sharing multiple shows in a tiny LA venue called O’Brien’s. It was there that the joyful, carefree spirit of SAUCY MONKY began. SAUCY MONKY’s music has been described, somewhat paradoxically, as “desperately hopeful.” The girls share lead vocal duties and cleverly weave their voices together in a bed of lush harmony. The music (rock/pop genre)...
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Monky Disco
Monky, You're Mine
Monky Tonky
Monky Mountain
Smoky Monky
Monky Business
Monky Business
Monky Black Dele Dembow
Monky Session #31 - Wandy
Monky Session #09 - Nahu.t
Slow Lane
Monky Session #09 - Nahu.t
Cooper #37 Monky Session
Monky Session #23 - Miqueas
Monky Session #06 - Martin Vmc
Monky Session #24 - Perro Loco
Monky Business (for Thelonious Monk)
Monky Session #17 - Chala
Bebo Big Machine #34 Monky Session
Monky Bonky
A Night In Marseill
A Night In Marseill
Goomboy Version Norte #4
Soundboy Gonzalito Version Norte #5
Monky Session #09 - Nahu.t
Hielo en la Ziploc
Aloó - Beat Session VOL. 1
Todo me da vuelta - wandy