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[unknown] is a standard artist name used at MusicBrainz for indicating where an artist name is lacking or not provided. .
UK Hardcore duo consisting of DJ Sy and DJ Unknown AKA Chris Unknown. Also founded Quosh Records. .
The Famous Unknowns is a collabartion between Carlos Vamos and Lindsay Buckland, who are playing some live shows in Amsterdam right now. .
The Unknown DJ is one of the pioneers of old school west coast hip-hop. He first started produced electro-hop tracks that came out under his own name or with Dr. Dre, the most popular probably being "Beatronic", "808 Beats" and "Let's Jam". He also produced several tracks for Ice T, among them his first gangsta rap recording, "6 In the Morning" (1986). The Unknown D.J. continued as a producer for MC Eiht's crew Compton's Most Wanted. He also produced music for artists such as A.L.T., Brownside, N.W.A., Bobby Jimmy, and King Tee. .
Bruce Joyner with Mark Neill and Dave Boyle initiated the Unknowns in 1980, when moving from Georgia to Los Angeles; Bruce left by the end of 1982. They reformed in 1991, with Craig Packam on drums, for a european tour (and New Rose records anniversary gig), then Bruce left to focus on collaborating with Out Of The Fire, and also suffering some health problems. Bruce left the Unknowns again after the "Southern Decay" record and tour in France. Then, Mark Neill (on guitars and vocals) continued the band with David Boyle and Craig Packham : Recordings (more 50's sounding) were...
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