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Esau Mwamwaya was born in Mzuzu, Malawi in southeast Africa. He grew up in the capital, Lilongwe, where he played drums in various bands such as Masaka Band. He was a good friend of the legendary Evison Matafale and they played together for several years before Matafale was killed in Malawi police custody in 2003. In 1999 Esau Mwamwaya moved to London, England has until recently run a second-hand furniture store in Clapton, East London, UK. Esau's shop was on the same street as Radioclit's old studio, and after the Radioclit boys bought a bike from Esau they invited him...
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The Very Best of Luv Lite Massive Vol.1-5
The Very Best in You
The Very Best Christmas
The Very Best Plan
The Very Best in You
The Very Best Time of Year (feat. Trypta-Phunk)
The Very Best of Neil Diamond
Do The Very Best You Can
I Wanna Go Away
Only The Very Best
Sweka (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
The Very Best Time Of Year
The Very Best Of
All The Very Best Of Us
Do the Very Best You Can
Yoshua Alikuti