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1) Frozen Tears is a bulgarian symphonic black metal band. Founded in 1998, by Jeliazko Dimitrov (guitar), Radko Jelev and Mihail Mihaylov (drums). "The style of the Bulgarian group Frozen Tears is melodic / symphonic Black metal which includes some folk and gothic elements weaved succesfully into one. This is music inspired by beautiful Bulgarian nature and ancient cultural traditions reflected by personal feelings, spirituality and individuality of every single member of Frozen Tears." "The band is formed in September, 1998 by Zhelyazko Dimitrov (lead guitars), Radko Zhelev (keyboards) and Mihail Mihaylov (drums and percussions). In October the same year...
An ambient/drone project featuring Phil Western and Tim Hill. .
Metamorfrozen deals with cold ambient and noise. .
Ska punk from Sakha, Russia .
Found 188 songs, duration: 10:08:58
Қара көздерің
Heavenly Incest
What I Need
Sheik's Devotion
Pizzicato Hiyori
Mountain Shrine
The Ancient Well
Kinjirareta Asobi (Rozen Maiden OP)
Komatta Shumi
Noble Dolls
Angel of the Black Rose
Каждый день
Она прекрасная
GOD DIVA(./Hack//Roots, Rozen Maiden OST)
Lost in the Wind
PADORU PADORU - Ecchi Version [MMV]
Watashi no bara wo kaminasai (Rozen Maiden 3 OP)
No. i ~Interlude~
Nayru's Love
Atatakana Kokoro
Go Bananas (Metal Version)
Don't Think Twice
Forest Kingdom