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Ron Grainer (August 11, 1922 - February 21, 1981) was an Australian-born composer who worked for most of his professional career in the United Kingdom. He is mostly remembered for his film and television music, particularly the Doctor Who theme, which was realised by Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop using electronic oscillators and magnetic audio tape editing (including tape loops and reverse tape effects). Ron Grainer also composed the music for TV series The Prisoner, Maigret, Steptoe and Son, and Tales of the Unexpected. He is also credited with many film scores, such as The Omega Man, Only...
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Mutiny on the Buses
Doctor Who (New Opening, 1967 - Full Version)
Omege Man
Doctor Who - 1980-1985
Ins And Outs
B3 The Bridge
B2 Variation On A Million Bucks (Part Two)
B5 Somebody Loses, Somebody...Wins?
B7 End Titles
Matthias the Victor (edit)
A6 The Girl Who Never Was
A5 Brainwash
A4 Find The Lady
Mutiny On The Buses - Theme
A1 Main Titles
B6 Who's Mad Now?
Theme From 'Joe 90' (1978)
B7 Castle In The Clouds
Doctor Who Theme 4 (1980)
B1 Standard Titles & Episode Opening
A2 Man From The Dead
B4 The Man Who Stood Still
The Maigret Theme
B8 End Titles
A3 All That Glitters