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Los Amigos Invisibles are a Latin dance band from Venezuela that plays a blend of disco and acid jazz. In 1995 they released their debut album, A Typical and Autoctonal Venezuelan Dance Band, which was a moderate success in Venezuela. The band was comprised of Julio Briceño a.k.a. "Chulius" (vocals, percussion, songwriting), José Luis Pardo a.k.a. "Cheo" or "DJ Afro" (guitar, songwriting), Armando Figueredo a.k.a. "Odnam" (keyboards, songwriting), Mauricio Arcas a.k.a "Maurimix" (congas, percussion, songwriting), José Rafael Torres a.k.a "Catire" (bass), and Juan Manuel Roura a.k.a. "Mamulo" (drums, percussion). They played in clubs around Caracas for the next two years...
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Fiesta Permanente
Buzzards (Bootlegumachines rmx)