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The Workout is a band from the little city of Weymouth, MA. They consist of two lead singers, Mike Woolf and Ian Oliver, a guitarist, Ted MacDonald, a bassist, Mike Lambe, the drummer, Sean Coleran, and keyboardist/keytar player, Corey Tilton. They combine metal, pop-punk, and synth-pop senses. Their debut EP, "Feed Me a Stray Cat," was released in 2008. They released their LP, "Sounds Like a Blast," in the Fall of 2010. .
Once upon a time, Andy Warhol to Lou Reed: „Why don't you write five songs a day?“ -Lou: „Don't you think one is good enough already...?“ - Andy „...not when you could write 15.“ Question: Why do people like Godard or Fassbinder make four to five movies a year? Answer: Obsession gives birth to identity, says Maya Deren. Cardiochaos kicked himself out of the band so many times already that he doesn't know anymore who of the persons he is he would still employ. Finally, two facets remain. They are doing an acceptable job – for the moment. Once he'll...
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This Is What You Came For
Hit the Road Jack
Safe And Sound
Don't Let Me Down
Someone You Loved
Don't Start Now
Hymn For The Weekend
You Should Be Sad
We Will Rock You
Boogie Wonderland
Let's Get It Started
Strip That Down
Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)
Lose You To Love Me
Destination Calabria
In the Deathcar