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The name "Climber" is at least used by three different bands. 1. Comprised of two producers, Shift and DJ Tosh. Shift (aka Mindshift) was a key member in the now disbanded Deaf To The General Public group from Miami, Florida. Besides producing, DJ Tosh is a DJ and an avid vinyl collector of Japanese origin, grew up in Santiago, Chile and then made his way to the US. 2. Climber is a band from Portland, Oregon that has four people in it with the following names and roles: Michael (Vocals, Piano, Wurlitzer, Organ, Programming), Dean(Guitars, Keyboards), Kyle (Keyboards, Bass, Vocals),...
There are 3 bands using this name: 1) An alternative metal band from Turkey. They released 2 albums, one is s/t and the second is Principia. They split up after the release of Principia. 2) A girl-fronted indie pop-rock band from Exeter, Devon, UK. They've been together since March 2001, and have toured extensively. They made their tv debut in November 2001, playing live in the studio on ITV's The Base. To date they have released two self-funded EPs: Floor EP in 2001, and Who Shot Lana Clarkson EP in 2004. They are currently looking for a record deal. 3)...
Climb was a hardcore/metalcore band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Formed in the mid 90's, they realesed the cd "Live In The Now" in 1997. In 1998, Climb planned to release its second album, Reborn. For reasons still unknown to the band, it never saw the light of day. Climb broke up soon after. .
Climbers is the Mexicali duo, Jay Blakk and Kiko Deal, who, despite forming just a year ago, have already been making serious waves around the world with a fresh-faced take on house music. Their debut ‘Law Of Attraction’ EP on Culprit, as well as the slew of buzzworthy remixes for labels such as Lower East, Noir Music 2 and Electronique have already found their way into the crates of some of the hottest underground dance acts including Art Department, James Teej, My Favorite Robot Tanner Ross, Miguel Campbell, Catz n Dogz, Death on the Balcony and Richy Ahmed. ‘All Right’...
Willkommen Collective proudly presents The Good Ship by The Climbers, a Willkommen studio project featuring members of The Leisure Society, Sons Of Noel & Adrian, The Miserable Rich, Shoreline, Christian Silva, Absentee and more. It’s a bit live, a bit lush and hopefully more than a bit rewarding. The Climbers are named after trips to the Lake District taken by chief songwriter Tim West, his school pal Christian Hardy and legions of musical friends. Tim and Christian’s friendship began on their first such excursion from their home town of Burton Upon Trent, a school field trip during which they found...
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