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ROmantic Mode (or "ROM", to fans...) was a J-pop/techno/high-energy trio formed by Akira Asakura in vocals, Masaki Suzukawa in guitar and Joe Rinoie in keyboards and programming. They became famous after recording two opening songs for the animated TV series "After War Gundam X", one of the many installments in the long running Japanese science fiction saga "Gundam". "Dreams", the first one of those songs, was taken from ROM's self-titled debut album, which was released on 21 August 1996. Only four months later, thanks to the hype that their collaboration with a Gundam project entailed, ROM released a second album...
Necromantic macht eine Musikrichtug aus Industrial und Elektro! also a one man doom/death band from Chicago Illinois, released debut album Ego Sum Papa in November 2013 .
Musical creations of, for and inspired by Zee Captein and his minions in the post-apocalypse of the year twenty something something. .
From Fast Romantics' web site. For Fast Romantics, it has been four years of adventuring their way through the backcountry of Canadian indie-rock, often attempting to straddle that hazy intersection at the corner of rock n' roll and pop. Now, with their second full-length album Afterlife Blues, it sounds as though they have -- quite confidently -- found their way home. While Fast Romantics' earlier work prompted comparisons to Elvis Costello and Blur, Afterlife Blues carves a bit of a different path right through the great cities of American music. From New Jersey to Detroit, and then cutting down through...
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I Just Call To Say I Love You
How Deep is Your Love
Roxanne (From "Moulin Rouge")
Romantic Arabic Night
Romantic Season
Первый танец
Romantic Homicide
Как ты красива сегодня
Romantic Paradise
Чувства (Саксофон)
My Heart Will Go on (From "Titanic")
Французский джаз
Божественный саксофон
Romantic Love
Love Story (From "Love Story")
Эротический Пиано-бар
Касание любви
Оттенки фортепиано
Итальянская дегустация вин
Влюбиться вновь и вновь
Солнце (Купи мне гитару)
Последний романтик
Джаз 30-х годов
Romantic Piano
Romantic & Jackass
Piano Love and Romantic
Невеста (Minus)
Folk and Romantic
Jingle Bells