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An adorable little girl from Brighton, England. There comes a time in a true originals career where they become more than the sum of their influences. Sophie Madeleine's star is in such an ascendant, and we are witnessing the results of some maverick fusion. Steeped in an inherited classicism (she had a music-lover for a father,) she absorbed the greats of the last century - from Cole Porter to Gershwin, Bacharach, Beatles and beyond. Shades of Feist and Aimee Mann haunt her delivery, whilst she shines a light on the love song in a way that is at once candid,...
Adele Sebastian joined the Pan Afrikaan Peoples Orchestra in the early 70s as a teenager. She played in the band until her death in 1983 of kidney failure at the age of 27. She rarely missed a rehearsal or performance. Remarkable since for a considerable length of time before her demise she had to go into a dialysis machine once a month to stay alive. She was an inspiration to everyone involved with her. .
Adelén Rusillo Steen (b. 4.nov 1996) known as Adelén is an [location]Norwegian[/location] pop singer of Spanish descent. She has a Spanish mother and a Norwegian father. Adelén participated in the Norwegian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö with the Spanish-influenced song "Bombo", and came in second place. "Bombo" went straight to number 2 on the Norwegian iTunes chart after her performance. It also went to number 1 in VG-lista, the official Norwegian Singles .
Hi I am the artist Adele Holness.. So Strong is a great track but didn't get the publicity it rightly deserves... but i believe it will, one day soon and reach number 1 all over the world as it reaches out to the hopefull,hopeless,to the ones who are searching for love, faith, progress and strength.... I would love to do more tracks ... and know that i have some great ideas.... .
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Set Fire to the Rain (Adele Cover)
Easy On Me
Set Fire to the Rain
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Поздно, Адель!
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Set Fire To The Rain
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Не обманывай
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Поздно, Адель!
Поздно, Адель
Skyffal Original
Set Fire to The Rain (F:8 - UK Drill Remix)
Adele Hello
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Жил один скрипач
Set Fire To The Rain ( DJ Makis Remix )
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hello (минус)
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