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Gen Hoshino (星野 源 , born 28 January 1981 in Saitama Prefecture) is a Japanese singer, songwriter, lyricist, actor, and voice actor. Since 2000, Hoshino has led the instrumental band Sakerock, where he plays marimba and guitar. They released over ten albums. As a solo artist, he debuted with his first album Baka no Uta on 23 June 2010. His first physical single, "Kudaranai no Naka ni" (number 17 on the Oricon charts), was released on 2 March 2011 and the subsequent singles: "Film", "Yume no Soto e", "Shiranai" (2012), and "Gag" (2013) all charted in the top 10. His...
中島みゆき (Nakajima Miyuki), born February 23, 1952, is a popular Japanese singer, composer, and lyricist. Since her debut in 1975, she has sold over 21 million records and has 4 million-selling singles. As a musical artist, she is known for her intense vocal expression and decadent lyrics. She is regarded as one of the most successful female singer-songwriters in Japan. In recent news, she has composed songs for TOKIO, such as Sorafune and 本日、未熟者. She has also sung her own versions of the songs. Her newest album, 常夜灯, was released on October 24, 2012. .
関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani8) is a seven member idol group under Johnny's Entertainment. Their record company is Infinity Records. The members are: 錦戸亮 (Nishikido Ryo - yellow ranger) 大倉忠義 (Ohkura Tadayoshi - green ranger) 村上信五 (Murakami Shingo - purple ranger) 丸山隆平 (Maruyama Ryuhei - orange ranger) 安田章大 (Yasuda Shota - blue ranger) 渋谷すばる (Shibutani Subaru - red ranger) 横山裕 (Yokoyama You - black ranger) Ex-member: 内博貴 (Uchi Hiroki - He has never been a ranger, because he left before they started as rangers) The members are known for being very close, possibly even the closest in all of Johnny's, shown by their...
AAA (pronounced as "Triple A") is short for "ATTACK ALL AROUND". AAA has two lead male vocalists (Nishijima Takahiro/Nissy, Urata Naoya), one lead female vocalist (Uno Misako), one rapper (Mitsuhiro Hidaka/SKY-HI), and has all seven members as dancers (other members include Sueyoshi Shuta, Atae Shinjiro and Ito Chiaki). AAA is meant to appeal to music listeners of all sorts. The Avex Trax group debuted in September 2005 with the Japanese theme song (BLOOD on FIRE) to the Initial D Live-Action Movie, which reached #9 on the Oricon Singles Charts. In the same year, they won The 47th Japan Record Award...
Kis-My-Ft2 is a Johnny & Associates group that debuted August 10, 2011 under avex. MEMBERS: Kitayama Hiromitsu (北山宏光) Senga Kento (千賀健永) Miyata Toshiya (宮田俊哉) Yokoo Wataru (横尾渉) Fujigaya Taisuke (藤ヶ谷太輔) Tamamori Yuta (玉森裕太) Nikaido Takashi (二階堂高嗣) In August 2005, two Johnny's Jr. units, Kis-My-Ft and ABC Jr, combined to form Kis-My-Ft2. The name comes from the first letter from each of their last names; Kitayama Hiromitsu, Iida Kyohei (飯田恭平), Senga Kento, Miyata Toshiya, Yokoo Wataru, Fujigaya Taisuke, Tamamori Yuta and Nikaido Takashi ("ni" in Kanji is the number 2). They performed as a 8 member group until end of March...
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Live It Up (feat. Rockie Fresh)
Bout It
bout it
World Is Yours
Hold On [Prod. By Tez Lamont]
The Day Feat. Sir Locksley
Jungle [prod. Sly Drexler]
Sports Prod. Jungle Club
Don't Sleep
No Not Today ft OG CHE$$
4 Life
3O DayZ
Ultra V ft. AUFL (Prod. by Cresce & AUFL)
Flee Pt. 2
Toast (Feat. A Walk)
Hell Of A Night
fake love ;)
Es Qez Che remix`
Hell Of A Night
No Not Today ft. OG CHE$$ (Prod. by Cresce & AUFL)
Быстро вырос
XSCAPE prod. Manny Davison
GoodBye (Feat. B.Dukes)
Klang (Feat. Moxiii Double Dee)
Live It Up Ft. Rockie Fresh
luvv (chopped and screwed by bNz)
Graduation Freestyle
90210 (26)
Loreal prod. @JcbeatzNC