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Juan Luis Londoño Arias (Born January 28, 1994, Medellín, Colombia), is a singer of Colombian nationality. He began his musical career at an early age in his hometown of Medellín, there has developed an established career in Latin America, becoming nominated for several awards from major musical relevance. Prior to serving as a singer, Maluma started in football, a sport he practiced for eight years in a row, reaching the lower divisions of the equipment Atlético Nacional and La Equidad.In an interview with the newspaper El Universal, the artist spoke of what football left in his life: "[...] the time...
Larry Maluma was born in Zambia and moved to Australia in 1985. He is an accomplished musician, composer and vocalist and sings a combination of English and his native languages, Nyanja, Bemba and Tonga, adopting styles which he has used to blend his own brand of roots music. The resulting unique sound has put his singles at the top of the Zambian charts. He currently resides in Melbourne. .
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El Que Espera
Yo no necesito un Gps
AMDV [Guitar mix by Afanasyev]
Marinero / F.A.M.E (2018)
Pa' Ti + Lonely AMA's Performance 2020
11pm - Maluma x Vladi Bachata Remix
Cositas de la USA (Letra/Lyrics)
Hola Senorita (Da Phonk Edit)
Tu Me Partiste El Corazón
Reggaetón Lento / Felices los 4 (Mashup)
Again (Maluma)
El Prestamo (DJDX) (Quick Hit Clean)
sin contrato
Qué Pena (Bachata)
chantaje (slow-rmx)️
Mal de Amores
Medellin remix
chantaje (slowed)
Tukoh Taka (Official Fifa World Cup Anthem)
Segundo (Bachata Version)
Happy Birthday
Hola Senorita (Maria) (Q o d e s Remix)
Parce (feat. Lenny Tavárez & Justin Quiles)
El Prestamo
La Vida es Bella
Devorame (2023)
Mi Declaración (Feat. Timbaland & シド)
16. HP (3.06)
Nos Comemos Vivos