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Instrumental is a group known for performing cover versions of electronic songs using classical instruments. The band consists of Everton Nelson on violin and flute, Catherine Browning and Brian Wright on violin, Sally Ward on viola, Andy Nice on cello and Andy Waterworth on bass. You may also be looking for the Spanish duo Instrümental. But most likely it appear here due to incorrectly tagged tracks. If so, do and yourself a favour. Fix your tags by putting the actual artist name in the artist field. .
Instrumental Quarter are an Italian instrumental post-rock band featuring Paride Lanciani (electric & acoustic guitar), Gabriele Gross (bass), Luca Bleu (drums), and Davide Areondo (vioin, Rhodes & theremin). Their debut, No More Secrets, was released on Sickroom Records in 2003, and was followed with 2006's Traffic Jam. .
see also Zumi-Kai. Zumi-Kai Original Instrumental Group is Japanese traditional instrument koto music group. .
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Dogs Out (Instrumental)
Faded (Instrumental)
Lofi & Chill (Instrumental)
Smooth Sunset (Instrumental)
Навсегда (Instrumental Version)
Agony (Instrumental)
Звёздная (Instrumental)
Rap Instrumental Hip Hop
How We Do - Instrumental
In Da Club - Instrumental
Not So Bad (Instrumental)
Весело (Instrumental)
Гимн России (Instrumental)
Es Más Que una Canción
Siempre Has Sido Fiel
Te Amo Espíritu Santo
Jesús Mi Fiel Amigo
Take Me Higher (Instrumental Version)
Яд (Instrumental)
So Hot Melted (Instrumental)
Always Remember Us This Way
Дальше жить нельзя (Instrumental)
Pluton / Pista De Rap Instrumental Hip Hop Beats
Готэм Праздничный (Instrumental)
Okay Instrumental
Heatache (Instrumental)
Я буду небом твоим
Im Still Standing