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Crossfaith is a Japanese modern metalcore/groove metal/electronic band from Osaka that was formed in 2006. The band consists of vocalist Kenta Koie, guitarist Kazuki Takemura, bassist Hiroki Ikegawa, drummer Tatsuya Amano and keyboardist/programmer Terufumi Tamano. They released their third full-length album Apocalyze in Japan on 4th September 2013 through Search And Destroy Records. It was also released in North America by The End a day earlier. The album was produced by Machine (Lamb of God, Every Time I Die, Four Year Strong) and was their breakthrough release that received international acclaim. The band is considered to play the style of...
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Fiction In Hope
Wildfire (feat. Benji Webbe)
Mirror (Electronic/Metal core /Post Hardcore )
Xeno(Progressive Republic)
06. Voice
Ghost in the Mirror
Body Bag
Wildfire [feat. Benji Webbe] [1]
Lost in Time (feat. Koie (Crossfaith))
Xeno (Full Album)
02. Mirror
Raise Your Voice
Quasar (Breakdown show / Ikiru)
Calm The Storm
Omen (Bonus Track) (2011)
Devil's Party
2. Xeno (XENO) [2015.09.16] (320 kbps)
Fiction In Hope
Ghost in the Mirror (feat. Caleb Shomo)
Gimme Danger (feat. Ralph)
Devil's Party
Tears Fall [SOUL]
Gimme Danger
Astral Heaven
Your Song
Voice [2009]
Paint It Black
Madness (cut)
Calm The Storm (2015)
09 Crossfaith - Mirror
Дебил с парты (гений химии)
Wildfire (cut)
Apocalyze (full album)