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AAA (pronounced as "Triple A") is short for "ATTACK ALL AROUND". AAA has two lead male vocalists (Nishijima Takahiro/Nissy, Urata Naoya), one lead female vocalist (Uno Misako), one rapper (Mitsuhiro Hidaka/SKY-HI), and has all seven members as dancers (other members include Sueyoshi Shuta, Atae Shinjiro and Ito Chiaki). AAA is meant to appeal to music listeners of all sorts. The Avex Trax group debuted in September 2005 with the Japanese theme song (BLOOD on FIRE) to the Initial D Live-Action Movie, which reached #9 on the Oricon Singles Charts. In the same year, they won The 47th Japan Record Award...
...Aaaarrghh... is a Turkish Black Metal band that originally formed in 1994 as Aeon, playing death metal. The band moved on to the black metal scene and became '...Aaaarrghh...'. Since then they have released one demo, and two full-length albums. There were also two other demos from ...Aaaarrghh... recorded that were never officially released; 'From The Darkness I Am Called' (1996) and 'Spirits Of The Ancient Ones' (1997). ...Aaaarrghh... consists of two members, whom prefer to remain anonymous (for reasons unknown). Unlike most Turkish Black Metal bands, the lyrics of their songs are written and remain entirely in Turkish. All...
(†) Saåad is a drone & ambient project from Toulouse, France. .
Jäääär began in January 21 1991 in Tartu by Jaan Sööt on guitar, Aivar Otsing on bass (both formerly of Pantokraator) and inBoil on vocals. Soon after Tõnu "Tõun" Timm (formerly of Beergrass) and Tarvo "Tarz" Jaaksoo joined. Jäääär has also included other well known Estonian musicians over time - Riho Sibul and Tõnis Mägi are but a few examples. Currently the band staff includes [*]Jaan Sööt (vocals, guitar) [*]Tõnu "Tõun" Timm (vocals, guitar, pedal steel) [*]Teet Velling (guitar, tin whistle, percussion, vocals) [*]Tarvo "Tarz" Jaaksoo (bass guitar) Albums [*] Parimad (1996) [*] Tartu - Väike puust linn (1998) [*]...
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Не болды?
Ягодное лукошко
Magic Forest
Что ни день, то новость
Среда обитания
Восемь ярдов
Summer Morning
Ты не понимаешь, это другое
Одуванчик мой
Aaa, Kotki Dwa
Ooo Aaa Eee Iii Uuu
Island Sound