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There are multiple artists by the name of Juju. 1) American Rapper/Producer The Beatnuts - Junkyard Juju 2) Finnish rapper, who mixes Hiphop and Reggae sounds 3) Japanese pop/R&B singer-songwriter 4) American Jazz group 5) A Drum ´n´ Bass / Dubstep producer 6) Dutch Hip hop producer 7) Mid 70's afrobeat group from Mozambique 8) American post-punk/darkwave group 1) Juju aka Junkyard Juju is a Producer / Rapper from Queens, New York and 1/2 of the The Beatnuts. The Beatnuts are 1 of the most legendary Hip Hop production crews of All-Time. With production from all the legends of Hip...
The Juju Orchestra was founded in 2004 by Fab DJ Sammy and producer/sound engineer Oliver Belz. Some of their musical idols are Caetano Veloso, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Steely Dan, Stan Getz (to only name a few). Of course they are influenced by all of them, but the Juju Orchestra have created their own language, like every real artist does: contemporary Soul, Jazz and Latin music with a vintage sound. The German-based producers and DJs of the Juju Orchestra make a mean cocktail of styles with great hooks and irresistible beats. As the trio blends live instruments and a variety...
FORMERLY THE JUJU CREW - PRESENTLY THE JULIAN TEMPLE BAND - http://www.last.fm/music/Julian+Temple+Band Julian Temple Band makes music that is down and dirty but full of love for sound. Spawned in early 2004, they have independently released three albums; In Sea (2006), Quiet Earth (2009) and Balance Escapes (2010) and toured extensively through the U.S., Australia and N.Z. Temple released his solo album titled Nowhere Fast in October 2011. To promote the new work, Temple embarked on a world tour which saw him play three countries in three nights and tour the U.S., Australia and N.Z. for six months. Members: PMK...
Since their arrival on the music scene in 1965, the mystique of The JuJus and their lead singer, Ray Hummel, has continued to grow over the ensuing decades (helped along by the inclusion of You Treat Me Bad on the first volume of Pebbles in 1979). Their first single You Treat Me Bad rose to the number two position on the top 40 and catapulted the band to regional fame in Michigan. The JuJus initially blended an impressive brand of folk-rock and British-Invasion sounds with a raw garage band sound. In 1967 they opted for a more psychedelic sound. .
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This Is Not A Tango
Bad Boy Riddim
JuJu On The Beat
Juju on That Beat 2.0
My Sabbath Vein
Go Gorilla (feat. Dub-E)
R U Gonna Be?
Things Need Testing
Stand Firm
All Time Low
Bad Juju
The Start Of Dawn
People's Republic
What A Bad Day
Nâo Posso Demorar feat. Katia B