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Separ is trueschool rapper from Bratislava, Slovakia. Since 2009 he was member of supergroup Gramo Rokkaz participating on their album 2010: Manifest. He left Gramo Rokkaz in 2011, he is also member of group DMS (Dame, Monsignor Separ, Smart), which released their EP Teraz už naozaj in 2008 and their album Čo sa stalo?! in 2011. He released two solo albums, Buldozér (2012) and Pirát (2014). Začiatky tvorby siahajú do roku 2001 kedy s Damem začínajú tvoriť prvé veci nahrávané doma na kazety, časom začínajú hrávať prvé koncerty ako skupina 2kusy reprezentujúca Dúbravku, neskôr vznikne skupina DWS (Dame, Wrana, Separ)...
The Knit Separates were formed in 1996 around the duo of Jason Honea (formerly of hardcore band Social Unrest) and Glenn Donaldson (later Jewelled Antler co-founder and member of Skygreen Leopards, Thuja etc.). The idea behind the band was to create damaged pop music based around their love of the Television Personalities, The LEGEND!, The Fall, The Ronettes, 70's Am radio, Sarah Records, The Jacobites and more. Unloved and unknown in their time, their fragmented and flamboyant sound possibly presaged such experimental pop acts such as Ariel Pink and Xiu Xiu. .
1997 - 2001 The band history takes us back to final years of the last millennium. In winter of 1996 on the ashes of band called Abyss a new bad arises, to be named Six Degrees of Separation. After three months of effort within April a first demo Dark Ages is recorded. The cover art was done by Václav "Dr.X" Sklenička, who was contacted via an advertisement. A lot of concerts, a lot of great feedback and reviews, all in vain... Radek Zábojník and Martin Novák are bound to fulfil their duty to the homeland and the band is put...
To Separate The Flesh From The Bones is a death metal/grindcore band from Helsinki, Finland. The band can be considered a side-project of three remarkable members of Finland's Metal and rock scenes: Pasi Koskinen (ex-Amorphis, Shape of Despair, Ajattara), Mika Karppinen aka "Gas" (HIM) and Niclas Etelävuori (Amorphis, ex-Moonspell). The project began circa 2002 when three active members of Finland's metal scene decided to create a grindcore and brutal death metal playground in the form of a side-project. Pasi Koskinen and Niclas Etelävuori, ex-bandmates from Amorphis, would join Mika Karppinen (known as "Gas" in the Gothic rock band HIM) to...
Separatist is a technical death metal band hailing from Tasmania, Australia. The bands debut full length album - The Motionless Apocalypse - is a fine example of brutal death metal, with a huge 'punch in your face' sound, technical riffage and dominating growls. The band now only consists of one member, Sam Dishington who does vocals and all instruments. In February 2014 they signed with Canadian Independent label 'Subliminal Groove Records, and released a remaster of 'The Motionless Apocalypse' as well as a brand new album 'Closure', which are both available for free digital download from bandcamp: Separatist was...
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16 - Flow Kmet
Show Must Go On 4
17 - Sunset (feat. PTK)
Pirát (prod. DJ Wich)
07 - Stale
11 - Retaze
04 - Hej
01 - Intro
15 - Psst
Stroskotaná (prod.Mugis)
Ahoj Ahoj Co Ty
06 - Hejtklub 10
Co Sa Dá
08 - Nemam mood
Napiču prístup
01. Neprebudený
Hejtklub pomaly
12 - Hejtklub 11 (feat. Luca Brassi10x)
Slabý kus
02 - Uuu (feat. Snoop Doog)
Nakazený ft. Tomáš Botló
Hejtklub rýchlo
14 - Zachran moju dusu (feat. Yzomandias)
09 - International (feat. Fleego)
Cirkus feat. MiniMo (prod. Infinit)
Bublina (feat. Tina)
18 - Outro (feat. Alan Murin)
Nemôem Za To e...
11. Pasca (featuring Fejbs)
03 - New York Freestyle
Hejtklub pomaly
Hejtklub 3 (prod. Gary)
Do Očí (feat. Strapo)
Nakazený 2 (prod. Grimaso)
Mladý chalan
Slabý kus (prod. Emeres)
13 - No signal (feat. Smart)
Vitaj Vo Finále (feat. Dame)