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There are eleven bands by the name of Eternity. Argentina (2) USA (2) Spain (1) Finland (1) Italy (1) Norway (1) Greece (1) Germany (1) Slovenia (1) ----- Eternity(Deu) originally formed in 1994. Their lyrical themes include, but may not be limited to: death, destruction, mass-murder, and violence. They have released 2 known demos in 1995 and 1997, respectively; and 4 split EPs between 1997 and 2003. Their debut full-length album "...and the Gruesome returns with every Night" was released in August of 2004 (W.T.C. Productions); a vinyl version was released by Blut & Eisen Prod. In October of 2004,...
Trees of Eternity came into being when Juha Raivio (Swallow the Sun) and Sweden based singer Aleah got together in the latter part of 2008 to work on a song for the upcoming STS album. The plan was to to feature Aleah’s vocals on part of a song already prepared by Juha, but when they instead began to experiment with a vocal line Aleah had written for the occasion the session quickly headed off in a new direction and the project took on a life on its own. Since then several more songs have been written and roughly produced, but...
Fear of Eternity is a one man atmospheric black metal band from Fiumefreddo di Sicilia (Catania), Sicily, Italy. Andrea Tilenni founded this project in 2000 and to date he has been the only member and plays all instruments. The first self-produced cd, “Toward the Castle”, was created after a hard work during various years. His music is a solitary project created after his experience with Sinoath (he was the drummer in the album “Research”), and he follows the same draw of other people (e.g. Burzum, Mortiis and so on). .
There is multiple definitions: 1. Touch Of Eternity is a melodic death metal / doom metal band from Finland, known by its personal way to combine those two genres. Touch of Eternity was formed on August 2010 by two musicians, who started their studies at Kaustinen's college of music at the same time. Those two, Ollipekka Toimela and Riku Laajala eventually ended up gathering a full line-up and start making something very original. The line-up was quickly filled, due to progressing around the music college areas. Faster than anyone could have thought, had Touch of Eternity composed four tracks full...
Joy Wants Eternity has been creating instrumental post-rock out of Seattle, Washington since 2003. The band formed as a result of a "musicians wanted" ad placed in The Stranger, a local weekly. Since then, the band has put out three releases, embarked on 2 West Coast tours, and completed their first full US Tour in the fall of 2008. Discography: 'Must You Smash Your Ears Before You Learn To Listen With Your Eyes' EP (2005) 'You Who Pretend To Sleep' LP (2007) 'The Fog is Rising' LP (2012) Official Site | Facebook | Bandcamp | Online Store .
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Doom Crossing: Eternal Horizons
Destructive Thoughts
Eternal Rest
nothing is eternal
Eternal Sound
Eternal Frost
Doom Eternal
Doom Eternal
Eternal Night
Maha Mrityunjai
Eternal War (The Witcher)
my eternal killer friend
You and Me
Vinyl Scars
Caen Recuerdos