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There are multiple artists named KAORI: 1) KAORI (full name Kaori Suzuki) is a Japanese voice actress and pop singer who debuted in 2006. She has performed theme songs for numerous video games and animated series, most notably "BLUE BLUE WAVE" (for ARIA the NATURAL) and "Tears Infection" and "Daybreak" (for the Myself; Yourself TV series and video game, respectively). 2) Kaori is a Japanese down-tempo/lounge/soul singer based in Tokyo and affiliated with Magoo Records and Crue-L Records. She released an album, Flow in 1997 and a single, In My Head, also in 1997. 3) 織田かおり (Kaori Oda), who is...
DJ KAORI is a famous Japanese pop and R&B DJ, singer and producer under Universal Music Japan. Having sold over 3 million copies of her remix and mix albums, she is one of the best selling female DJs in the world. Her first DJ mix album "HARLEM PRESENTS ~DJ Kaori "Def Soul" Mix" was released in 2000. Since then she has released over 30 DJ albums, 4 DVDs and a few original singles. Official Website .
Kaoru Amane (雨音薫) is the main character portrayed by 沢尻エリカ (Sawajiri Erika) in the jdrama タイヨウのうた (Taiyou no Uta). Kaoru suffers from an incurable disease called XP (xeroderma pigmentosum), and can’t be exposed to the sun. Even so, she has a dream to become a musician and sings with her precious guitar in the street every Friday night. Under the name Kaoru Amane, Erika Sawajiri (actress, model, & singer) recorded her first single タイヨウのうた, which was released on 2006/08/30. .
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