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the GazettE is a visual kei rock band from Japan. They formed in 2002 under the name ガゼット, though later changed the name to the Gazette in 2006. Members: Vocalist : ルキ [[artist]Ma'die Kusse [drummer] -> L'ie:Chris [drummer] -> Kar+te=zyAnose [vocalist] -> the GazettE] Guitarist : 麗 [[artist]Ma'die kusse -> L'ie:Chris -> kar+te=zyAnose -> the GazettE] Guitarist : 葵 [[artist]Melville -> Artia -> the GazettE] Bassist : れいた [[artist]Ma'die Kusse -> L'ie:Chris -> Kar+te=zyAnose -> the GazettE] Drummer : 戒 [[artist]Mareydi†Creia’ -> La'deathopiA -> the GazettE] They were recognized for their 1st single, "別れ道" (Wakaremichi), released in April 2002 and...
Country Gazette was a country rock band formed in 1971 by Byron Berline and Roger Bush. They played traditional bluegrass and contemporary songs on acoustic instruments. When the members of the country rock ensemble Dillard & Clark went their separate ways in 1971, bluegrass fiddler Byron Berline and guitarist/bass player Roger Bush formed the band Country Gazette. Guitarist Kenny Wertz and banjo player Alan Munde soon joined. Herb Pedersen wrote songs and was a guest artist on Country Gazette records, but did not tour with the band. Country Gazette recorded their first album A Traitor in our Midst in 1972,...
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VORTEX (the GazettE)
PLEDGE (the GazettE)
SHIVER (the GazettE)
VORTEX (the GazettE)
The Girl On The Police Gazette
Going Home With the Post Gazette
The Crime Scene / The Daily Gazette