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There are several artists with this name: 1) A frisian singer/songwriter, bacame famous for being the leadsinger in the frisian group 'de kast' de kast scored a megahit in holland with the song 'neije dei' which is frisian for 'A New Day' de kast stopped playing, and syb v/d ploeg is playing solo as a singer songwriter. 2) An Iowa, US metal band consisting of Logan Riley on vocals, Ashley St. John on guitar and vocals, Kiley Ferguson on bass and Gabe Nicholas playing drums. They recorded a Demo in 2001at MC Audio. .
There are a couple of bands/projects called Syberia. 1. Syberia is a Post-Metal/Instrumental from Spain. Have released 1 album "Drawing A Future" 2. Syberia is a highly acclaimed 2002 computer adventure game made by Benoît Sokal, developed by Microïds and published through The Adventure Company. Soundtrack was written by Nick Varley and Dimitri Bodiansky, who has also written soundtracks for other classic adventures, such as Outcast, Amerzone, Twinsen's Odyssey and Fade to Black. It was never released on a separate CD, so most files are tagged with "Syberia" instead of names of real artists. 3. Syberia is also a hc/punk...
xian began playing trumpet at the age of 8 but stopped when his lips began to swell...eventually he picked up the guitar - his first “serious” outing was with arrow kleeman (lilienthal) in the band “mobius strip” in the early to mid 90's while they attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. From there xian went onto join forces w/ simeon of silver apples as sampler & oscillator player for a series of tours & recording that lasted, on & off, for a few years. xian left silver apples in late 98' to concentrate on his solo work as Sybarite. Sybarite...
Baz Bardoe started his musical career playing extremely noisey punk metal music, before being sucked into the vortex of electronic sounds firstly with proto extreme techno industrialists Ragewar, and more recently his current brand of more chilled and cruisey excursions. After releasing an EP in 1998 as URB, an album and EP were released under the Psyburbia banner in 1999 on Tsuyoshi Suzuki's Matsuri Productions. Further released were done through the likes of international labels such as Nova Tekk and Subterranean, plus local labels such as Creative Vibes, Black Hole and ABC records. Psyburbia has received rotation on national broadcaster...
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Its Not Too Late // SunFamily
Differences Theme
Never Give Up On Hope
Sun Invaders (Full Moon Mix)
Forbidden (Space Invaders Remix)
Sun Invaders (Full Moon Mix)
Forbidden (Syb Unity Nettwerk Remix)
My Own (Prod. Tsurreal x rossgossage)
Never Give Up On Hold (Danny Coleman Remix)
Sun Invaders (Full Moon Mix)
Sun Invaders (Full Moon Mix) SIRIUS REC.1996
It's Not Too Late (feat Syb - Chillmix)
My Own
My own (prod. tsurreal x rossgossage)
Intro (SYB)
Life Support System (Mindscape Mix II)
ev1l emp1re pr0duc3eR tag$
bury a friend (SYB Remix)