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DragonForce is a Power Metal band that was formed in 1999, from the remnants of black metal band Demoniac under the name of DragonHeart. However, the band soon changed its name to DragonForce before releasing any commercial albums due to possible commercial issues with Brazilian band Dragonheart. Their career began with publishing of songs on the first incarnation of MP3.com, claiming the top of the site's heavy metal charts. The hit song Valley of the Damned reached over 500,000 downloads in the first few months. Despite this, two of the original members, Steve Williams and Steve Scott left the band...
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Unite and Decide
Mist Covered Fortress
Through the Fire and Flames
Through The Fire And The Flames (Dragonforce)
E.P.M - Extreme Power Meta
Soldiers Of The Wasteland
Through the Fire and Flames (Dragonforce cover)
Three Hammers
Where Dragons Rule
Strike Of The Ninja
My Spirit Will Go On
DRAGONFORCE - Through the Fire and Flames
No More (Maximum Overload 2014)
Three Hammers (Maximum Overload 2014)
Operation Ground And Pound
Through the Fire and Flames (8-Bit Remix)
Through The Fire And Flames (8-bit)
Summer's End (Japanese Edition, bonus track)
Reaching Into Infinity (full album)
Through the Fire and Flame
Through The Fire And Flames
Trough the Fire&Flames
Fury of the Storm
1.Through The Fire And Flames
Through The Fire & Flames
Hotel California In Fire And Flames
Tomorrow's Kings
Heroes Of Our Time
Без названия
Cry thunder x Image material (Version 0)
Fury of the Storm (8-Bit)
Revolution Deathsquad
C2 Land of Shattered Dreams
Summer's End
A2 Ashes Of The Dawn
B2 Silence
A1 Reaching Into Infinity
Through The Fire And Flames - Rock
Extraction Zone
Cry Thunder (Обрезка)
The Game [x1.5]