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Synth Pop, Pop-Rock band from Ukraine (Novoyavoriv'sk - L'viv - Kyiv). As the leader of Skryabin (Andriy Kuz'menko AKA Kuz'ma AKA Kuz'a) said the roots of group's music is Depeche Mode music and mood. .
«Красная Плесень» (Krasnaya Plesen') is a russian sovietcore band from Simferopol. The band materialized in 1989 with the help of its founder Pavel Yatsina. The band is well known for its parodies of Russian and foreign music artists. Their Official website http://plesen.net .
Aria (Ария) is a Russian, formerly Soviet, Heavy Metal band founded in Moscow in 1985. It is one of the most influential bands in Russian Metal, and its former musicians also founded several popular bands, such as Кипелов and Мастер. Aria's music is influenced by the NWOBHM bands. For the first time ARIA established itself as a band by releasing their first album in autumn of 1985. The album sounded very professional and looked like nothing performed in the USSR before. The title was modest but pretentious - "Megalomania". The story began in 1984 when lead guitarist Vladimir Holstinin left...
Ukrainian pop-diva who established her fame with a song Суперблондинка (rus.: «A Super Blond»). Despite being somewhat scandalous to appeal for a serious music lovers, this young lady is a genuinely smart and amusing in a conversation. Also, her repertoire features a trademark sound of Ukrainian electronic music legend Vasyl' Tkach. .
Bianca (real name Tatiana Eduardovna Lipnitskaya , September 17 1985 , Minsk ) - She was born September 17 1985 in Minsk . There's also passed his childhood singer. Music attracted her since childhood, so she enrolled to study at music school. At age 10 she began singing in the choir. Then she began to sing in the chorus. In 2001 received the Grand Prix International Competition of Young Performers "Malva" (held in Poland ), then - the Grand Prix of Young Pop Song and Dance Festival "Belaya Rus", and on behalf of the international competition Oginski ranked third on...
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Я, ты, он, она
Я, Сейджуро Акаши, проиграю?
Перепутала [speed up + reverb]
Я, ты, он, она
Can't Fight This Feeling [speed up]
L60 Heg Give it to me tik tok remix
ты, я
Я, ты, он, она
Я, ты, море
грустно на автопати speed
истасамка дис
Я, ты, он, она
Привыкни к аппарату!2
Hot 'n' Cold [speed up]
я,ты,и море slow
Я, обожаю тебя.. (2020)
Вы, я
Танцуя танец смерти
Мне скучно жить [speed up]
разъебу весь мир
я уеду в камарова
нюша - чудо мешап
Teacher's Pet [speed up + reverb]
I Love You So [speed up]
ты и сигареты [speed up]
Я, бер кинэш
Село папапеве
В 6 утра я снова не спал