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Cypress Hill is an American hip-hop group from South Gate, California. Cypress Hill was the first latino group to have platinum and multi-platinum albums and one of the first rap groups to gain a following with fans of hard rock and metal. The band was originally called DVX, but the name was changed after Mellow Man Ace left in 1988. Their first album, which was self-titled, was released in August 1991. Its single was "Phuncky Feel One", but it was the B-side "How I Could Just Kill A Man" (formerly "Trigga Happy Nigga") that attracted more airplay on urban radio...
Hillsong's music has become well-known internationally amongst Christian groups. Songs such as "Power of Your Love" by Geoff Bullock and "Shout to the Lord" by Darlene Zschech have become popular and are sung throughout churches world-wide. Hillsong have released over 40 albums since 1992, many of them achieving gold status in Australia. Although the music is not well known amongst the mainstream, their audience coming mostly from christian circles, their 2004 live praise and worship album For All You've Done reached #1 in the mainstream Australian album charts (ARIA) when many copies were sold during Hillsong's annual conference. With their... / Schiller is one of Germany's leading electronic artists. The multi-Gold and Platinum-awarded project has been created by electronic musician, producer and composer Christopher von Deylen in the tradition of teutonic sound-pioneers. Over the last years the Echo-Award winner and Grammy-Nominee performed more than 100 sold-out concerts - highly acclaimed by the audience and media. Schiller's albums feature many well-known German and international guest vocalists and musicians such as Colbie Caillat, Lang Lang, Sarah Brightman, Moya Brennan, Kim Sanders, Peter Heppner, Mike Oldfield, Xavier Naidoo, Mila Mar and Tarja Turunen (formerly of Nightwish). On his live tours, Christopher...
A Philadelphia electronic pop duo comprised of Jeremy Lloyd (production/songwriting) and Samantha Gongol (vocals/songwriting). The pair’s roots can be traced back as far as a middle school talent show that saw Lloyd - the son of a conductor and an opera singer - hear Gongol sing for the first time. Many a moon down the line, following a stint studying music composition at college for Lloyd while Gongol was cutting her teeth in New York as a songwriter, the pair reunited in the former’s bedroom studio. Citing influences ranging from Cole Porter to Kanye, from Ella Fitzgerald to Drake, while...
The nonconformist of Ukrainian music, the singer destroying all stereotypes about the format. A siren's voice, forcing to forget about everything in the world, a gingerbread face, a fantastic character, and a pure, childlike spontaneity. All this is Катя Chilly. Even if we reject all enthusiastic definitions, all the same to not avoid ascertaining: Катя is one of the brightest phenomena of Ukrainian music. Arguments in favour of this statement? First, originality of a genre in which the singer works. Vocals give the full right to consider a scenic image her unprecedented phenomenon in Ukrainian music. Yes, it is probable,...
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Just Like You
Down the Cypress Hill
Survival Tactics (feat. Sen Dogg of Cypress Hill)
Cypress Hill 2017
The Hill That Can See The Sea
Roll It Up Light It Up Smoke It Up
Pennywise & Cypress Hill
Play That Song (with Nina Sky, Cypress Hill)
04. Cypress Hill - When The Shit Goes Down
Champions (feat. Cypress Hill)
My boy from cypress hills
Dve me4ty (Cypress_Hill instr)
Latin Thug (feat. Cypress Hill)
Redman -FT- Cypress Hill - Thr
Even If I Die [feat. Cypress Hill] [Hybrid Remix]
CALIFORNIA Feat. Sen Dog (Cypress Hill) 2017 -
Cipress Hill & Tengo Calderon - Latin Thugs
Desperado(Cypress hill inst.)
Boom Biddy Buy Buy (Fugees Remix)
Tequila Sunrise minus (Instrumental)
Illusions (Q-Tip Remix Instrum
(feat. Redman & Method Man)
Tequila Sunrise (LP Instrumental)
Throw Your Hands In The Air
Southland Killers ft. MC Ren & King Tee
Catastrophe (Stoned Raiders/ 2001)
When the Shit Goes Down
Whatta You Know [199X][Unreleased]
Lick a shot (Rock) (Hard) (club14508290)
Latin Thugs (feat. Tego Calder
Boom Biddy Bye Bye (FugeesMix)
09 Дорожка 9
Boom Bidy Bye Bye