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Seattle Hip Hop producer, known for his work with Berkeley rapper lil B. Released the instrumental album Munchies in 2010. .
Indie mavericks Keyboard Rebel live and record in Manchester in the UK. The band started their career in 2004 on the city's Twisted Nerve label on a compilation also featuring Badly Drawn Boy. Since then, the band have released two singles on their own Slick Nine Records label, as well as appearing on Slick Nine's debut compilation EP. Their debut album, "Pop Grenade" is out now on Slick Nine Records (UK) and Aaahh Records (Europe). Discography: Pop Grenade (album) digipak CD and download: Oct/Nov 2008, Slick Nine Records / Aaahh Records My Lordship (single) CD and download July 2006,...
Keyboard Choir started out in Oxford during winter 2004, creating live music with the turbulence and dynamics of 'traditional' ensemble performance using purely electronic sound sources - keys, synths, drum machines, samplers, fx boxes and laptops. They've since gone from strength to strength, playing support to bands as diverse Metronomy, Coldcut and Cadence Weapon, and picking up an army of fans that includes the godfather of UK electronic music Brian Eno. They have been written about widely including favourable articles in The Independent, Stool Pigeon, Plan B, Kruger and Drowned In Sound. The album 'Mizen Head To Gascanane Sound', available...
Fatso, known as Keyboard Cat on the internet, is from Spokane, WA, USA. Although undiscovered during life, his masterpiece (recorded on VHS circa 1984 by his owner Charlie Schmidt) was made posthumously popular by Brad O'Farrell and TV personality Steven Colbert. Fatso passed away in 1987. .
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Spread the Colors
Felicity James
одинокий волк (Prod. Keyboard Kid 206)
Keyboard Kid 206 - BasedExorcism
Let It Go (Feat. Cee Gee) [Prod. By Keyboard Kid]
Keyboard Kid 206 - WelcomeX
Nw God Music
Knotts [prod Sayda & Keyboard Kid]
Based Can't Stop
LAVA LAMP [Prod. By Keyboard Kid]
Wrapped Up (feat. Q'Aila)
Live Righteous
Fairy Tale (p Keyboard Kid)
All Of Us (The Keyboard Kids R
Beautiful Sorrow
In the Water
Get Based
Throne in the Clouds
Untimely Death
Terio & Kid HNRK - Shy Guy 1993-BONUS
Breathe In
Based Heaven
Evil Based
C Da Shyne (Prod. Keyboard Kid)
Corpse Bride
Live Righteous
Nw God Music
Morning Breakfast
The Siren Sings (Respect to Grimes)
BvsedKlvn (Posh Raiders)
Beautiful World
Aahhh Real Monsters