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Not to be confused or associated with Why? (the american band), WHY (the Canadian band) first took shape years earlier in 1995 in Winnipeg Manitoba, when Brian Cook (vocalist) chose to see his musical ideas take form. Quickly rounding up some of the best players the local scene had to offer, they recorded their first album THE NAKED SOUL in 1994, and followed it with 2002’s THE RISE AND FALL OF THE QUESTION MARK, which drew fans and critics alike to their energy-fueled live shows. As years passed and other commitments took hold, Brian continued to write and began to...
Chwhynny, originally from The Netherlands, is that rarest of breeds: a woman with unrivaled passion for music and production. Her debut track 'I Am' was snapped up by RFU Recordingz, and featured on the 'Hardcore Heaven' album series. Follow up collaborations with Darwin, Gammer and Entity have established her as a fastidious talent, capably drawing on her more euro-centric introductions to the genre. Borderline obsessed with analog hardware, she brings a slightly different bent to the UK Hardcore (and indeed HU) fold. She also, grudgingly, sings sometimes. .
Download Wireless for free at: http://www.archive.org/details/pmc048 Richard Whyte now goes under the name Dick Whyte and his Golden Guitar. He has been playing music for 15 years (in 2007). He started out playing guitar in a free-noise-rock band called Negative Eh (that became the avant-garde soundscape band Nova Scotia who have albums on Metonymic and Pseudo Arcana) and in Hitachi Slurs (a pop band dedicated to Beat Happening). He has also played in The Rick Jensen Trio (saxophone, piano and cello) and with The Shambolics as "Richie Rhinestone and the Insatiable Opium Cowboys" (guitar, vocals). These days he mostly performs...
whysowhite are an American 8-piece band, from Chicago, Illinois. The band is composed of Nick 'big nick' Mcmillan on lead vocals, Charles Haines on lead vocals, Davis Haines on vocals and percussion, Charlie Dwyer on rhythm guitar, Chris Miller on lead guitar, Dave Sumberg on bass guitar and finally Andrew Abramowitz on Drums. Their music is a mixture of Funk, Rock, Soul and Hip-Hop. Their debut album was released on the 8th of February 2013, available initially for download on bandcamp, where they allow a "name your price" purchase option. .
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Полюбила мудака
И назовём это Любовь
Tell Me Why
Why You
ALT + F4
Пара пропущенных
Why Not (Slowed + Reverb)
West Coast
Why Why Why
Why Not?
Why You Mad
Tell Me Why I'm Waiting
Ну и что?
Пара пропущенных
Kslv Noh Let's Collab
Tell Me Why Im Not Able
Tell Me Why
Why Butterfly Doors
Why I Love You