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Lead singers Jacob Hemphill (vocals, guitar) and Bob Jefferson (bass) met in first grade in Virginia, shortly after Jacob had returned from living in Africa with his family. The two instantly became best friends, and in middle school found a common love for hip hop and rock music. Throughout middle and high school, they met Patrick O’Shea (keyboards), Ryan Berty (drums), and Ken Brownell (percussion) – who would later form SOJA. During this period, reggae music was becoming an addiction for the budding musicians. Lead singer Jacob shares, “We loved rock and hip hop, but there was something missing in...
Black Metal band from Estonia Official infopage: Official homepage: Biography: - Founded in 2007, performing (old) melodic pagan/black metal in the vein of Helrunar, Nagelfar, old Ulver and old Satyricon. Discography: - "Sõjaruun" MCD/DIGIPAK, 2008 - "Odal / Sõjaruun" Split 7`, 2009 - "Org" CD/DIGIPAK, 2009 - "Talv" MCD/MLP, 2010 Members: Oliver - vox, guitar Sander - bass, back vox Thon - drums .
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Its My Birthday
Soja D Hupenyu Hwangu
True Love
Мой Белый (RMX)
I Dont Wanna
True Love
Radha Shakti
Rest of My Life
Here I Am
Baba Nam Kevalam 6
Rest of My Life by SOJA
Not done Yet
Baba Nam Kevalam
You and Me
Summer Breeze
Rasta Courage
You Can't Run (Soja Mix)
Dumbledore's Kiirtan
Kiirtan - Upwards Spiral - Track 4
You are never alone
Rasta Courage
By My Side
Kiirtan Uploading Spiral - Track 7
Kiirtan Uploading Spiral - Track 6
Kiirtan Uploading Spiral - Track 5
Guru Chakra
Gone Today
Here I Am
Look Within
Siberian Kiirtan
Losing My Mind
Rest of My Life by SOJA
Без названия
You Don't Know Me