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Torche is a band from Miami, Florida, United States. They play a distinctive style of stoner/ sludge metal that they categorize as ''stoner pop''. The group was formed in 2004 by Steve Brooks (ex-Floor), Juan Montoya (ex-Cavity, ex-Ed Matus' Struggle), Jonathan Nuñez and Rick Smith (who also play in the grindcore band Shitstorm). According to "Their music has a unique, hard-hitting sound that provokes a wide range of emotions, and they have a large fan base throughout the world." They have toured with Mogwai, Isis, Pelican, Black Cobra, Baroness, Jesu, The Sword, Stinking Lizaveta, Harvey Milk and Boris. Steve...
Fragmentorchestra is the pairing of Italian jazz aficionados Luca Pernici & Giulio Vetrone. The result is a beautiful and up-tempo album of moods and grooves for some autumnal bliss. For Luca and Giulio, Jazz also means improvisation, which Luca Pernici explains. "A musician, in the moment at which improvisation occurs, is irrationally set free from any approach, creating a philosophy of composition without any given time or place". The goal is just this, to preserve an improvised approach through breaking down beats and notes but still achieving the variety of an orchestra or better yet, a Fragment Orchestra... Luca Pernici...
We started our band when we were in high school and called ourselves YOU ATE MY DOG. Seven years later we have toured all throughout Europe, had our songs played on major radio and tv stations, played festivals like Groezrock and Pier Pressure and shared stage with so many amazing bands. This is the new chapter of our lives. We are LIKE TORCHES. Recent Update: We spent the month of May 2012 in Hollywood, California where we recorded our new album with Ryan Key and Ryan Mendez from Yellowcard. We're incredibly proud of the album and can't wait to share...
There is more than one band with the name Torcher: 1. Torcher is a Metal band from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Originally formed by Brenden Malott and David Friesen in 2006. The two started writing songs and defining their sound with influences from Northern European metal bands, as well as North American Death and Thrash Metal bands. They then recruited Curt Williams; who has been part of previous projects, and a long time friend. After practicing for several months they seeked out Kyle Boland to play second guitar. In a short amount of time Torcher has already been called one of...
There are at least two bands called Torches: (1) T O R C H E S are a rock outfit that have been hypnotizing and swooning the Los Angeles scene. Singer/guitarist Azad Cheikosman and bassist, Bridgette Moody formed this band during what was a relationship. Azad and drummer, Eric Fabbro had been bashing away at their instruments in a hot and sweaty garage for about 4-5 years before she came in to lay down the root. The band previously consisted of 5 members, but went down to a more cohesive number of 3. Bridgette learned how to play bass the...
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The Safety of Disbelief
Raise the Dead
The Bitter End
The Great Divide
Calm Before the Storm
The Torch
Pull My Heart Out
The Sound of Violence
Georgia Torches The Past
The Torch
Carry the Torch
Камышовый Рай
Sabre & Torch
Космос Уже Не Тот
Light the Torch
The Torch
Похую Мороз
Torches (Bitwvlf Remix)